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  1. Direct X ......

    hey are there any ways to emulate pc games on mac? is there enough games made for mac, like warcraft, unreal tournament, call of duty?
  2. from PC to MAC (prorgams)

    thanks for answering guys. any indication when mini's with intel will be avaliable.
  3. Hi, i recently decided to switch to osx and im thinking of buying that small mac mini 1.5ghz something something something and keyboard So here i am to ask you mac users about program support for mac. Are there a programs like Trillian IM, mirc client, p2p (kazaa; dc++), and other samelike programs... another question, mac is so damn expencive i was w8ing for intels to ship with tiger and thought that their will be less expencive than G5's but still my first choice book pro is 2500$ So is mac mini worth of giving 800$, how does it compete other macs, is it upgradable (bad huh), does it deserve to have name "mac"