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  1. My Situation:After updating to High Sierra 10.13.4 from Sierra, I keep running into a kernel panic on boot. I can still boot to macOS with safe boot, but no luck without the -x flag.My limitations:• I can't access my boot drive's EFI partition when in safe boot.• What I can do is access my boot flash drive's EFI partition through my spare hackintosh.What I've done/tried with no success:• Updated to the latest nVidia web driver (the one for 10.13.4).• Updated Lilu.kext.• Booting with webdrivers and then with VESA drivers, made no difference.• Booted with iGFX, get a black screen after BIOS, can't get into clover.Kernel Panic Details:The kernel panic scrolls by at light speed. I was able to record it in slow motion with my iPhone, and enhance it with Premiere, although it's still a bit blurry. https://youtu.be/tfpZDcHS1XQ