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  1. Ok. I get metal support with GT720. Looks like this is a pretty good budget card for typical use (web browsing, youtube etc)
  2. Same results with GT 720 (2GB). It was plug-n-play as well.
  3. Thanks MaLd0n & C.Frio What a surprise! I installed GT710 and without any tweak to clover it just worked!!! 10.13.4, Dell Precision Tower 3620
  4. Managed to compile the latest version from apple. andyvand's version (old) here https://libraries.io/github/andyvand/IOPCIFamily helped. Does anyone know which component (kernel or kext) populates PCI node in the device tree ?
  5. I'm looking for a version that compiles. :) The version on that site has dependency with some headers not available in xcode environment. And several other compilation errors were seen. I figured someone must have a fixed version.
  6. Does anyone have compilable version of IOPCIFamily source? Preferably a recent version?