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  1. Thank you so much for this great effort. My os stopped booting. So I have followed the steps as stated above. except the step below. All i want to do is use the installer created above to install my mac os. My question is Do i need to do the clover settings below? 2. I tried installing with all the steps above, so i attached the usb to my system and I was greeted with OS X Base System and EFI Boot... I choose egi boot... then clover came up ..it was trying to install , then my mac made 3 sounds continously, i gues it wasnt working ,lol) so i restarted the mac and I choose OS Xbase system...that also was installing suddenly it failed. How do i install high sierra with all the steps I have done above... and do i need clover setting below. If i need it, how can i apply it, thanks