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  1. Sorry for the bumping of an old thread... But I'm having this very problem with MACOSX.10.5 - I have a DMG file, and Toast seems to not want to burn it. I've tried converting to "DVD Master" using the Disk Manager tool, but changing the extension "CDR" to "ISO" on a PC does not work. I WAS able to burn most of the image with PowerISO- But the last part of the verify gives me a validation error. I see a couple of other methods mentioned herel I'll try those! I have to add this: I've been searching the MAC forums for more information on this. I ran across a post in another Mac forum where someone was asking similar questons, and two guys jumped the poster with words like "Wares" "Illegal" and all kinds of other abuse. Like NOT HELPFUL at all, and finally a decent moderator went in there and told the guy to use "Target Disk Mode" like the other guys should have told him about but were too busy nitpicking over a fleck of dust in this guy's eye. Warez Like heck! This a a copy of MY OSX.5 disk, it is a PPC/G4-5 OSX 10.5 disk! I backed it up like I always back up my OS Cd/DVDs but I made a DMG file, whereas I should have used Alcohol 120 on my PC and made an MDS file! I wasn't excpecting my original disk to fail! So I'm stuck with this DMG file, how can I get it back on DVD+-DL disk? Thanks!
  2. DATASHEET for RTL8201 CL

    I read somewhere, I thought, that someone who was working with this could not find the datasheet- They list the datasheets for the 8201 series adapters at the Realtek site but you cannot download them. the download links "GN/DN" (ie, goes nowhere does nothing) Well, I ran across this datasheet just now so here it is (it it lets me attach the file) - Yes it accepted it, so here it is in case this helps someone make a driver out of it, Thankx RTL8201CL.pdf
  3. How do I enter into GUI?

    That is odd, well to get into the GUI the boot commands are Boot -v - Verbose Mode -x - Safe Mode -f - Old Safe Mode -F - Ignore Boot File -s - Single User Mode Graphics Mode - VESA Graphics Mode Dimensions Text Mode - VGA Text Mode Dimensions Boot Graphics - Graphics or Text Mode Quiet Boot - Quiet Bootmode MKext Cache - Mkext cache file Kernel Cache - Kernel Cache file rd - Root Device boot-uuid - Boot UUID platform - Platform Expert {ACPI} config - Load alternate config plist -maybe type BOOT GRAPHICS by pressing F8 at first boot, where iot says "boot:" That is supposed to toggle GUI on or off, at least I think that's what it means... I cant test it cos I took my OSx86 apart last night to build another one on more suitable hardware.
  4. VIA S3/Unichrome and AGP Gart

    This gets the S3 Chrome9 video working?
  5. Yah, but what he's sayin is that most of THOSE links are PHHT, Broken, ergo we don't KNOW if it was a link to a file or to a thread. Moreover, if it was a link to a POST, it would be a good idea for someone to gather what is left, and put em in here. Can you attach files to posts? Yah I see the mechanism "down there" ↓ That would do it. If anyone has any of the missing files, they could post them here. That way we do not have to do another 3 to 4 hour search through the forums to find something that we had already thought we had found (but really didn't cos most of the links are PHHHT) Or, someone could check the links to see which ones work, and delete the ones that are either redundant or non existent heh? Oh Yah... Someone xposted this to China: http://bbs.pcpchina.com/index.php?showtopic=123935 And then someone xposted it to JAPAN: http://bbs.pcbeta.com/thread-134045-1-1.html But they neglected to xpost either the links or the files, so worthless the x-posted pages are. But I'm looking for AppleVIAATA_963.kext.zip which don't seem to exist anymore cos the only place in the world it existed was in that thread that is missing, or on the guy who posted it's hard drive, or maybe on someone who posts in here's hard drive: So if anyone's got that, feel free to post it anew, cos that is one of the files that got disintegrated in the server crash.
  6. My insane Hackintosh Experience/Nightmare

    Sorry, I was thinking in terms of 512 MB being the lowest Ram module for some reason. I found a Lenovo page with the original specs: it says there, 1 GB total ram. Nobody really got ram conscious until Vist-{censored}e came out, cos in 2005 and 2006, most people were happy with XP Pro and MCE with 256 and 512 MB. A couple people I knew had 1 GB of Ram, and we all thought "Wow that's a lot" But when Vista came out... And everyone learned immediately, the damn system wont even start right with less than 2 GB of Ram. SP1 fixed that slightly but they took the opportunity to install a "Compatibility Subsystem" that hard-blocks programs like Acronis Disk Director... And you have to search the MS dungeons to find the MS Application Compatibility Toolkit. The point is since Vist-{censored} came out, people have been wanting more and more and more ram, and faster ram, and gigs and terabytes of RAM! That is why I like my G4, cos I have it next to my AMD Socket 754 tower with 2 GB of Ram and lemme see: 256+256+256, well, .75 Terabyte of Hard Drive Space (all filled) I am running OSX.3.9, on a 733 G4, 1 GB PC-133 Ram. And it is the only Older G4 I have ever seen that took the PC-133 sticks. I have Pro Tools 6.4 on both machines, and on the AMD, 2.2 GHz, 2 GB of Ram machine- It crashes and is slow and the sound suffers. But on my G4, the Digi-001 kicks ass, sounds great, and I can process about... 8-16-24... 32 Tracks before the system is weighed down, but I have a couple of tracks that have 40-odd separate audio tracks. Ah, I got side-tracked: Here is that page http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss...ocid=MIGR-58227
  7. NVIDIA Kernel Panic

    Beats me, cos I spent most of the day trying to get it to work with a Geforce4 MX 4000 PCI (Not PCI-e even) I tried every Nvidia driver there was, and I could not even get the system into the GUI, it kept crashing at "LoginWindow"
  8. How do I enter into GUI?

    What do you mean, does the system stay IN text mode? Like: Does it say Boot: And nothing else?
  9. I fanned through 1 page of this... the problem with the self appointed internal address, that's a common problem for that particular adapter when they go PHOOT.. which they go bad often. I've had to throw away about 10 or 15 of those in my time, they will just fizzle out and when they do, they get stuck on the internal address. Have the adapters worked under XP, or in another machine?
  10. Haha! I got a 9600 sitting around somewhere... I have an LC-II in my back room, I like it, it is really cool for what it is... Cos back when the highest PCs had Dos 6.22 and "optional" windows, the LC-II already had a pretty good GUI.
  11. [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    Me 2 but everest 4.20 says it is a "Linksys LNE100TX fast Ethernet controller." So. Look for a Lynksys LNe100Tx
  12. I dunno, it seems that 10.4.8, 10.4.9, and 10.4.11 have all the customizations. 10.4.11 has a lot of customisations, and it is very difficult to go through each potential setup until you find what works.
  13. 10.4.9 got me so upset I stomped on the disk and broke it into several splinters and then melted the bits. But now 10.4.11 is doin the same thing.. it is locking the fook up during the verbose part of the booting, at "LoginWindow" - Even after doing the extra "Repair Disk Permissions" step XxX put into his instruction manual. I am about ready to try THIS one again, the the error I was getting before, was simply cos I did not format the drive as Fat32 and then doing a "Volume Partition" using Disk Utility-- I had been formatting the whole drive, instead of just the partition so the damn boot sector was not being copied over correctly. Gr. The crappy thing is, I had 10.4.11 actually starting up and letting me in to the OS, even though I was booting by sticking the DVD in the drive and ejecting it right at the point you press F8. So, now I guess I'll try 10.4.9 again and I'll bust up my 10.4.11 disk this time! This has got me so frustrated I'm about to melt all the OSx86 DVDs I burnt, and Zero-Write the partition on my HD where I saved the disk images!
  14. Disk Warrior

    Is there a Disk Warrior that will boot on an OSx86-prepared system? It would be great if I could do these Permission Repairs with Disk Warrior... maybe mount the drive on a G4 and run DW from OSX.3?
  15. trying to install tiger with vmware

    That is a lot farther thanI ever got with VMware... I tried 10.4.11, and it locked up without even a kernel panic. Then I tried 10.4.9, and an error popped up that said it would not work for 64 bit machines. Then I tried 10.4.6, and had similar trouble