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  1. Here is a roughly comprehensive summary of the three trials I have tested on Optiplex 755: Trial 1: From your Sierra guide front page around March of 2018, based on AppleALC 1.0.18 from December 28, 2016: Audio output worked, but I am unsure if the automatic headphone switching worked. Inputs may have worked, but after the 2018 security updates, the computer kernel panicked at boot, so I am unable to go back and test again easily. Trial 2: From your High Sierra guide front page around April of 2018, based on AppleALC 1.2.3 from February 9, 2018: Audio output worked perfectly, and headphones auto switched correctly. Input had one line-in option, which did not work using the front microphone port. This worked fine through at least security update 2018-002 on 10.12.6. Trial 3: From your post on this thread on July 18, 2018, based on AppleALC 1.3.0 from July 18, 2018: Audio output worked perfectly with headphones auto switching correctly. The input now had two line-in options, neither of which worked with a microphone. This works fine at least through security update 2018-004 on 10.12.6. Let me know if you want checksums or plist excerpts. As far as I know, this latest trial is the best so far. I don't know if I tested the input on the first trial, or if it worked. I could always go back and test it on a fresh older installation, if that is really necessary. Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately, the combined input also did not work with a working microphone, which I checked again after testing to make sure it still works. Additionally, it is worth noting that in the April trial there was only one line-in option and it did not have a "Reduce Ambient Noise" check box. This new one has that option for two inputs.
  3. I tested the new trial (July 18) AppleALC and Lilu on my Optiplex 755 using macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra). Before and after installing the latest security updates for Sierra, both audio outputs worked perfectly and headphones auto-detected. For the input, there are now two Line-In options in the sound preferences, but neither option worked with a known good microphone using the front microphone port. I do not know how to safely test the combined line-in/microphone port on the back; suggestions?
  4. This is a copy of a message I sent to MacPeet on May 14. It is for AppleALC on an Optiplex 755. "I installed the custom AppleALC that you posted on your macOS Sierra page. This worked well on 10.12.6 (for the entire brief time) before installing the 2018 security updates, but after the security update there was a kernel panic, and disabling the injection of AppleALC resolved the kernel panic. Installing the AppleALC from the High Sierra page works quite well on 10.12.6 for the line-in/headphone ports (auto-detects; no crackling or noise), but the microphone port (at least on the front; did not test the back line-out/microphone port) did not work with a known good mic. Again, this is for a Dell OptiPlex 755. Mainly, I am hoping to get 755 support into the main line of AppleALC, since pasting your plist edits into the stock kexts doesn't ever work for me. I am curious if you customize them beyond just the plist entries. I can test any further custom kexts or new releases of AppleALC stock. Keep in mind though that I am on macOS 10.12.6. Thanks for the guide; the DSDT seems to work perfectly."