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  1. I just dumped version 0110_B00 that came with 10.13.0GM upgrade: (I had no time to rename em all, letters for the acpi table and numbers for the cpu tables that were in another part of the firmware) So, there goes High Sierra version of iMac 17,1 ACPI from firmware: IM171_0110_B00 10.13.0GM ACPI Tables.zip Share the love showing whatever you find from the diffs, hehe
  2. There was another firmware update during 10.13 series. doing diffs with filemerge between them sometimes can show how real macs tables were adapted to the OS changes that required new patches. I have just handmade those because i couldn't find em, but feel free to extract from any firmware from here: https://github.com/gdbinit/firmware_vault/tree/master/EFI Avisa pro MaLd0n dar uma olhada.
  3. These are the Original iMac17,1 Firmware 0105_B20 ACPI Tables. They have been extracted from the firmware file provided in 10.12.4 update, so they are clean and unloaded. All tables are available in hex cut/new file/paste order so they are untouched and unloaded. I believe these files can serve to better study Skylake architecture implementation in Sierra. 10.12.4-10.12.6 : IM171_0105_B20-10.12.4.firmware update ACPI Tables.zip 10.13.0+ : IM171_0110_B00 10.13.0GM ACPI Tables.zip