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    [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E5440 macOS Sierra

    I followed along right up until this bit: In Kernel & Kext Patches: you got it all wrong by trying to patch AppleALC kext instead of AppleHDA kext. Not that it would work anyway since I've not seen the dummy ALC292 kext anywhere. You want wan to switch to AppleALC method rather than patching AppleHDA kext. In that case, you must install AppleALC kext (preferably in /L/E) and modify your DSDT to inject layout #12 rather than layout #1 as it stands right now. I can see that patches you want me to remove but what should I add?
  2. morleyrigged204

    [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E5440 macOS Sierra

    Thanks Hervé, I agree that sounds more plausible. I tried to upload the zip too here but from multiple browsers/computers I was getting a 500 error. Instead here is a public Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/174mrMtUcb1eqTG1Ag4Lr9yqmdHlsLz_o/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the help!
  3. morleyrigged204

    [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E5440 macOS Sierra

    First, great guide & super easy to follow thanks! That said I cant get into the installer. I've followed steps perfectly found everything but Im stuck here as I found out with verbos: (see attached) Any ideas? I think it's bombing out on the ACPIBatteryManger am I right?