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  1. Hi, is it possible the PCI0.PEG0 is in one of the ssdt files? and do I apply _dsm patch in clover/acpi/paches or macaisl patching? (and both? or one? or do I require every file that mentions the peg0 method? also the first dsm in peg is in PCI0.PEG0 (in the ssdt I mentioned just above) soon it changes to PCI0.PEG0.PEGP its only _PRW , before it goes to PCI0.PEG1 and then in specific once I know where about to patch. between which 2 lines should I add your giant code? thanks in advance and thanks for your work and efforts in this matter, appreciate it
  2. JonesSV

    Need help with ASUS GL502VMK laptop post install

    Hey onejay09 do you recommend any online websites that are a good source for learning more about the daft ssdt patching prices? as how much I appreciate you helping him out, one part of me would love to know what exactly was done in the steps so I could reproduce for my own and future hacks :p please let me know much appreciated
  3. JonesSV

    G-sync on laptop screen with webdrivers

    Hi there, I was wondering which approach you took for the installer, a link to some guide maybe if possible. and when you did your dsdt, do you remember which patches you used , and is the order of importance? if you would be so kind to post some guidelines I would maybe understand which patch is why And how about kexts?