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  1. 10.4.7 Combo Update

    The monitor issue is something that affects almost all laptop users. Can you find out from him, or get him to tell us what exactly he did?
  2. Hey, I'm having a similar problem with a non-dual core CPU. Not exactly the same prob though. Instead, at times the computer just seems to lock. After about 30 seconds-a few minutes it starts moving again. This happens most often while booting, but not exclusively. It only started recently (a couple of weeks ago). At first I thought it was over-heating (the fan on my laptop doesn't turn on anymore? Anyone know if this is a hardware thing with the fan, or software with OS X? I don't know how it's controlled on celerons. I guess it could be either. I'll try booting to a linux live cd or something and see what happens.) but it's happened a few times while booting up after not being on for a while, so I don't know. Any ideas?
  3. Calling all laptop owners ...

    Fully charged and screen at full brightness, it says 2 hours. I don't know if I really buy that, but with dimming, I think I could squeeze at least that much out of it, maybe a bit more.
  4. God I hate SIS Chipsets

    Hey! Awesome, a fellow Montrealer in the house! OSx86 is taking l'isle by storm!... That's all. Just a shout out.
  5. Is a PC running OS X as good as a Mac?

    Most people are running OS X native, so there is no emulation to speak of (SSE3 for some, etc.). So it is running as well as one would expect (i.e. smooth). My 1.4 celeron laptop is faster than a dual g4 533, and both are VERY usable. However, there are video card problems for a lot of people, and this affects performance (or atleast, usability). So it really depends.
  6. World Of Warcraft

    i915/gma900/gma950... That is, intel on-board video. Not super pretty, but it works.
  7. Blue Screen at startup with notebook

    Have you tried the dongle? Seems pretty likely that's your problem. That's what I need to do.. Well, I have two copper wires between 1-6 and 2-12. You may need to boot with an external monitor when installing (for me the install info is was placed on the "other" screen), but maybe not. I'm assuming this is where you read it, but if not: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...460entry42460
  8. Windows XP API in Mac OS X 10.5

    I think they have to (i.e. really should), now that they offer boot camp. You don't want your customers finding they spend more and more time in XP, risking them deciding just to buy a PC in the future. Since the option is already there, try to limit their experience with PC's and PC interfaces (XP/Vista) as much as possible.
  9. Detect monitors at system start

    This annoys me too. What would be better is saving the info after the detect display, and not having it redetect display every time it boots (it takes about 5 seconds out of boot time.. not much, but when you have a 30 second boot time, that's 1/6th of the total). I don't know if this is even possible, but it would be awesome. Anyone know? P.S. If you go to "Displays" in "System Prferences" there is acheck box for "Show displays in menu bar." When that is checked you can just click on the little monitor icon in the menu bar and "Detect Displays" is an option there. It stream lines the process if nothing else, and might make it easier on your dad.
  10. can't eject burned DVD's

    I don't have this problem, but... I wonder, have you guys checked in the terminal to see if the CD/DVD is still mounted? (check /Volumes or "df -l"). If that is the case you could probably eject using something like "disktool -e disk2" (or whatever disk it is). If it is not mounted, you can try to mount it from the terminal and then ejecting it using the command line... Might work.
  11. Which mods do I need?

    Copy over the kext from 10.4.3. That's what I had to do. That's a bit more strange. But try the same (copying kexts from previous version). If that doesn't work, try this. Try this. *shrug* I thought most dell's were broadcom, but I guess if it's centrino it can't be...
  12. Does my system is good working ?

    Mon francais n'est pas bon, mais, c'est une occasion pour un peut de pratique! Oui, 83.27 est tres bon. Si vous pensez votre ordinateur est lent, peut-etre le resultats des xbench sont faux. Mais, j'ai une Celeron 1.4ghz et il a un score des 50-60, donc, je pense 83 est droite.
  13. People have commented on the DVD issue a couple of times. That specific issue (slowing down) is different than what (I think) most of us have (black screen with audio). The only solution so far is to use VLC or Mplayer, which isn't really a solution, but better than not having the battery monitor.
  14. Hosed my MacOSX boot

    You're install disc (10.4.3 I presume) won't boot, but it did before? That seems wierd. Maybe it's more than just what you think. What I would recomend though is getting Knoppix (or something like it - a small linux live cd), booting up with it, moutning your OS X drive and repairing anything you changed.
  15. Can't boot osx when I'm on battery..

    Have you looked in your bios to see if there are any power management options you can play with? That seems like the best place to start.