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  1. That's awesome news!! I have the audigy 2 zs... the same as yours won't help much but I can help in the testing if you want, Itz.
  2. Hi ITzTravelInTime. My Audigy 2 ZS SB0350 arrived and it is working! On High Sierra and Windows 10! Thanks for the tips!
  3. I see! I will stick with the kx :-) Thanks very much for the info.
  4. Hi ITzTravelInTime, do you think cmi8738 based boards have a better support than the sound blasters (supported by your driver)?
  5. Nice, thanks for the explanation! I will buy one for me!
  6. Hi ITzTravelInTime! One more question for you: if one board name is on the big switch switch(subsys) is it enough for the card to work? I found some cheap "Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Z5 - Sb0350" for here and they are in the switch case. Thanks!
  7. Oh I see. Well, thanks for the reply. I have a P8Z77-V PRO motherboard and the Realtek onboard is not working, so I bought a cheap sb0570. But I will try to change for a compatible one, like the pcie SB Audigy Rx.
  8. Hi ITzTravelInTime. I am new to hackintosh world. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy SE SB0570. I tried your driver and it is not working, as expected. I would like to help you in some way, I am a developer. Please fell free to ask me for tests or anything. Thanks for your effort!