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  1. What is going on here? I just installed Lion on 2 computers and on one of them (GA-P67X-UD3-B3, i3-2120, GTS 250) it changes just fine, but on EVGA X58 SLI LE, i7 920, GTX 560 it crashes. It also changed to just a blue wallpaper, which is super annoying. Can anyone help? I was able to fix this problem by just removing all the pictures in Library/Desktop Pictures.
  2. [GUIDE] Installing Lion DP4 + GM Without USB(Video)

    Does anyone else on here have the problem of the installer hanging or rebooting during the process?
  3. [GUIDE] Installing Lion DP4 + GM Without USB(Video)

    This still does *not* work for me. It starts installing everything just fine, but at random "X minutes remaining," it will either freeze, reboot, or give me the black curtain from the top down with the "Please press power button" message. It usually happens around 17 minutes remaining, or any time after 13 minutes remaining.
  4. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    I guess I can't install it at all with my EVGA X58 SLI LE
  5. Pasta Extra / Instalador Snow e Lion

    Eu tenho Core i7 920... Nehalem?
  6. Pasta Extra / Instalador Snow e Lion

    Oba! Tem Brasileiro aqui! Uma pergunta... tem que ser MacPro3,1?
  7. Successfully installed 10.6.8 on EVGA X58 SLI LE motherboard! w00t w00t
  8. Hey guys, I just got done installing Snow Leopard after I had countless hours of stress trying to get my ZOTAC GTS 250 video card working with Leopard, and now I have questions. 1. Can I safely update to 10.6.8? 2. Will updating to 10.6.6 or 10.6.8 allow HDMI out for my video card? Cause currently it only works via DVI. Thanks!
  9. GTS 250 on 10.5.8

    Hey guys, I recently bought a new video card cause my 8800GTS died, but I still can't use this at all. I've tried using the EFI hack from aquamac forums and still nothing. When I select the drive from Chameleon it loads the grey apple logo (at 1280 x 1024) and then a black screen (at 1920 x 1080) but nothing after that. I can only boot up if I put another video card I have (Radeon HD 5450), but I can't install drivers for that either. Can anyone help?
  10. So after some time of using the computer, the internet stops working. It's not the router because I can connect via Wi-fi on my iPhone and use VoIP phone. Anyone?
  11. Trackpad gestures in 10.7 DP4

    Could you buy an Apple touchpad and use it perfectly? I'm watching the keynote right now and it looks fun, but without a trackpad it's meh.
  12. I recently got the trial version (10.0.3) of CrossOver just so I could install some Windows apps, but the program doesn't run at all. It opens in dock, and then disappears right away.
  13. The thing is that I can't do anything remotely related to Windows right now. I switch to IDE and try to boot - I get 'DISK BOOT FAILURE. PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISC AND PRESS ENTER.' I pop in Windows 7 DVD and try to boot from it - 'DISK BOOT FAILURE. PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISC AND PRESS ENTER.' And I think back when I didn't even know switching to AHCI would allow me to boot into OSX (back when it was still set to IDE mode,) I couldn't boot into Windows. The farthest I ever got with it was getting to the recovery options, where it wouldn't find a drive with it installed at all. OSX wasn't meant to be installed on PC, and like I said before, this is the second time I've had a *major* problem with it, which really sucks. If you look at my first post ever, you will see that it was from 2008. I waited 3 years to try again! I have another question: If a drive is wiped or completed effed up for any reason, any partition you made from the drive would be gone too right? Like... the actual drive would be "dead." Right? If so, then the drive that holds Windows 7 isn't dead at all, but for some {censored} reason, it doesn't let me boot into it at all.
  14. Alright after I giving it some thought, I realized I really do actually *need* my Windows partition back. I thought I'd be able to run FL Studio as a VST through Logic, but the Logic Pro interface is something that I am *not* trying to learn at all, and I really need to get back to producing music. I just really wish someone else would post on here shedding some light on the issue of me not being able into Windows.
  15. Sweet! I didn't even want to waste space by doing this at all until I had an answer.