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  1. Woofa

    Intermittent Login Issues

    Still an issue apparently. Oddly it worked when I logged in after clicking reply to this topic so I was able to post this, but it previously did exactly as Kalliopy encountered when I attempted to log in from the forum index.
  2. Then you need to spend some time learning some basics so that you can ask questions that are meaningful and be able to give the proper information so that you can be helped. Learning how to boot in verbose mode would be a start. Seriously, you're not going to get someone to hold your hand on this just because you admit you're a lazy ass. I'm guessing you must have just gotten really lucky when you installed if you didn't spend a little time learning something. Nobody is really trying to be an ass to you, you just need to do you own legwork. Did you actually read this subject thread from beginning to end, or just go right the the last page? I'm not new to OSX but I am new around here and you need to spend some time reading. Amazing what you can pick up that you didn't know just by reading.
  3. Woofa

    Hacking Leopard GUI

    I couldn't disagree more.
  4. Woofa

    [How to] Sound for the Bad Axe 2

    I know this is long after you posted but I can confirm line out working on my Bad Axe 2 with Leopard 10.5.2 Kalyway. It shows mic as well but I've yet to get that working and I don't know of anyone that has. If they have pass it on.