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  1. I recently Acquired a ibook g4, 14inch, and i did my basic cleaning making sure the device got a appropriate bath ha. after applying a coat of wax I fire it up. And as anyone would have guessed, it didn't work right.(Thats what i get for spending $30) but i went and tried to apply pressure.. but that didn't work. What is weird is it chimes, then the fan and has the black screen, from most cases i hear it doesn't chime at all. i was thinking of soldering (Using this tutorial) but i wasn't sure. anyone have any suggestions. i also found a possibly functioning logicboard that could be used to replace it. but im not sure
  2. budm

    [WTB] ibook g4

    im looking for a working ibook g4 dont care about extras just want the laptop, maybe charger i am willing to spend up to 100 i know its not much im in US Thanks plenty- Budm
  3. budm

    OpenDarwin 7.2.1

    Does anything built off darwin come close to OS X in like the dock or interface. maybe even the file support, is there even such think like a open OS X?
  4. budm

    OpenDarwin 7.2.1

    see what i want is to run opendarwin and see how it works
  5. budm

    OpenDarwin 7.2.1

    I know this is a Old Thing but i Cant Find this on Google or even the Green Demon, MiniNova doesnt bring anything up so its got to be hard to find anyone know where to get it? im hoping for 7.2 at least but anything works Thanks Budm!