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  1. Hi guys, I tried to install a Hackintosh with High Sierra on my Laptop ACER Aspire V3 772G747a8G75M (Intel Core i7-4702MQ, Board VA73, bios Hyn, 1 SDD with Windows10, 1 HDD for data, onboard HD4600+nvidia 760M ==> attached file with full description). I followed several tutorials (https://www.aioboot.com/en/clover-boot-disk/, yours about 772G installation). All was good : creation of the USB Stick, downloading HighSierra image on my partition (partition HFS+ created HDD SATA in the second disk). No pb encounted during these steps : USB OK, recognized partition, 2 hours download but ok. But I'm struck during the final HighSierra setup in the partition : the boot on clover is ok, the OSX progress bar started and stops with a sign of prohibited direction. With verbose mode, i can see "still waiting for root device" (difficult to read because pixelized). Many search on forums related a USB issue but I don't understand since previous steps were ok (USB install, partition recognition and downloading). After many and many search and tries, no way, no boot 8-( I tried : - all the arguments (cpus=1 npci=x2000 -v -x -f UseKernelCache=No dart=0 nv_disable=1 USBBusFix=Yes busratio=25 PCIRootUID=0) and variation (PCIRootUID=1 and 2, npci=x3000) - starting with options, with kext, without kext - change usb2 location - add kext (I have these ones for the moment in the Other directory : ACPIBatteryManager.kext, AppleALC.kext, ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext, BCM5722D.kext, FakePCIID.kext, FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext, FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext, FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext, FakeSMC.kext, IntelGraphicsFixup.kext, IntelMausiEthernet.kext, Lilu.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, Shiki.kext, USB_Injector.kext, USBInjectAll.kext) - usbownership flag - Fake Id for ATI set to 0x12040000 Always the same string. Damned !!!! I need you guys. Any idea ? Is it because my partition is upon the HDD ans not the SSD ? because the partition is not set as active ? pb with kext version ?... In attached file : - technical config - config.plist - Clover's report (F4 key) - some harcopies to understand sysconfig.HTM config.plist preboot.log
  2. Thx Allan for your link. I tried but no way for my issue. .... But i found the pb !!! It's just (!!!) i have to value some fakeID in the clover's options : FakeId=0x12040000 (for my hd4600) AND set the CPU fakeID with the real value of my cpu. HSierra is operationnal. Some tuning yet to do (i haven't wifi only ethernet, but i read my onboard wifi wasnt supported) and set definitively fakeIDs for a smart boot (my trials to set the gfx FakeId is not successful even if the field in the clover configurator is valued... i dont know why it s not ok, i'm poor experiencedd with plist structure... if anyone knows how to setup this field...) But it's great, my Mac works at last ! Thank you for all and hope my feedback could help.