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  1. I'm a little confused on your last message. Could you explain a little more? Sorry I'm a still grasping my head around all this.
  2. Back for an update. So I was able to finally get into High Sierra after black screen and trying different things with clover. I switched to the backup bios on my GPU and was able to get in into high Sierra. I'm in my desktop and run geek bench again and scores are off. So now I can boot and see everything just fine but my system is still not running the way it should. Any thoughts? Also my card is showing as 7970.
  3. do I manually input PEGP to GFX0 and H_EC to EC ? I don't see it in the list of patches.
  4. So I removed all frame buffer, inject ATI and all kext like Lily and whatevergreen and I still get a black screen on boot up. I use -v flag and everything goes through and then when it looks like it's going to show something it just goes black. config.plist kexts
  5. I did flash the bios on the GPU to this one https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/155308/powercolor-r9280x-3072-140119. Was that a bad idea?
  6. When I get home from work I'll take pic of my bios and upload my files so you guys can verify I'm dong things correctly if thats okay? Getting to the point of just buying a new hardware that are more compatible so I can get high sierra running. Needed for my music and video production.
  7. I had it working without any kext or inject when I installed sierra but my Geekbench scores where low and had some video playback issues. I'll try giving it a shot again without any frame buffers or kext and see if I can get it to work. Also do you know if my MB has CSM? I don't see it on the MB website.
  8. How do I add RadeonDelnit? I did try WhateverGreen without LoadVbios checked and it's not working for me.
  9. Yeah I installed high sierra last night and using the R9 280x it worked perfect but after it installs and reboots to get to the setting up page, like keyboard, language and user name etc.... it goes black. I'll try using my IGPU first and see if it lets me in when I get home from work.
  10. read that post and it looks like it's not a fix for the black screen . I did add whatever green and lily to clover folder on the USB but no luck.
  11. Hahahaha.. right. Man this card is going to make me loose my mind. Funny thing is I had tried a XFX version before this one and a GTX 780 TI that both couldn't get to work correctly. . Hope I can get this to work. I was reading on another forum about flashing it with a 7970 ROM. DO you know anything about that? I'm going to give that frame buffer a try .
  12. Hey hows it going? So I flashed the cards bios and know I was able to install high sierra. Doing a fresh install and after install I get a black screen but my machine sounds like its on. Do you know how to fix this issue?
  13. Thank you so much for your help and fast response. I might see if I can get it done today and report back and see if it works.
  14. Just read this message, seems I skipped it earlier but I'll download that ROM and flash it and report back maybe in a few days. Need to make a windows install disk and install windows on my machine. You think this will solve all the issues of my system and scores being low?
  15. Oh okay so should I still go ahead with your first suggestion then?