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    Clover & Custom SMBIOS on Real Macs

    To chime in on this, i might finally sell off my trusty 2011 2.0GHz 15" HiRes MBP which should be more than potent enough to run 10.14 and get a regular laptop to convert into a Hackintosh (which might be even easier to accomplish than what OP suggested). So if Apple is sticking the middle finger to us users, i'm sticking it right back at them! Go f**k yourself, little Timmy!
  2. I didn't mess with anything. This system is vanilla.
  3. why would i do that? i already know that 10.13.3 works. i did a clean install of 10.13.4.
  4. i can't explain that. if i boot 10.13.3, the overclock is there just fine.
  5. I removed the SSDT again because it had no effect. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2xpywm78hjbhay/EFI.zip?dl=0
  6. yes, if i set to "balanced", it only goes up to 4.3 under load like cinebench.
  7. If i set power profile to "maximum performance" in windows, it goes up to 4.3 constantly.
  8. Like i said, UEFI settings are correct - overclock works fine in Windows and worked before on 10.13.3 x86plat.txt machdep.txt kextstat.txt noApple.txt pmset.txt
  9. Of course it is set correctly. SSDT.aml
  10. after putting SSDT in /patched/: machdep.xcpm.vectors_loaded_count: 1 but still only 3.6 GHz
  11. haha sorry, didn't check that pdf before uploading, here it is again with full settings. apparently no vectors loaded: machdep.xcpm.vectors_loaded_count: 0 machdep.xcpm.mode: 1 but power management seems ok. sleep works, shutdown works, power gadget shows changing power states. config.plist uefi screenshots.pdf
  12. Here are my UEFI settings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jffn2a22zs9osos/uefi screenshots.pdf?dl=0