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  1. Mc Jacej

    Intel HD4000 1536Mb but no acceleration - High Sierra

    redo your clover config under graphics mark/tick intel then try to put this ig platform id one by one 0166000a,0166000b,01620005,then under gui set your screen reoslution to 1280x1024,or 1024x768
  2. will try this on my amd a10 5800k,, how about for non ryzen board?
  3. Mc Jacej


    Anyway got working mac os x snow leopard and mojave using clover,,just want to try ozmosis but it's not as easy as i think
  4. Mc Jacej


    thnx for the link,but i dont understand russian
  5. Mc Jacej


    i tried to flash,error says file format is not correct,
  6. Mc Jacej


    do i need to rename the file?frm B75M-A-ASUS-1101-Ozmosis.CAP.rom to B75M-A-ASUS-1101-Ozmosis.CAP?
  7. Mc Jacej


    thnx will try this
  8. Mc Jacej


    any tutorial link how to insert ozmosis on my bios?
  9. Mc Jacej


    hey guys anyone tried asus b75m-a bios for ozmosis?do you think is it compatible?
  10. Mc Jacej

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    utilities/systeminformation/show package contents/resources assets.car
  11. got realtek 8411 pci card reader with 5289 device id but sineteks rs kext it doesnt even load,wont work under sierra,hs and mojave beta
  12. Mc Jacej

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    mojave on my acer aspire v3 471g
  13. Mc Jacej

    macOS Mojave on HP Pavilion G6-2245sq

    make it sure you are using 4517 version of clover,got it working mojave on my acer laptop with ssd storage using 4517 version of clover,,mojave doesnt want my hdd and clover 4509,i recieved appleacpi cpu error using clover 4509 installing mojave and damage resources error using my hdd using 4517
  14. bronya my hero we need you,cyrhex's here