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  1. I have been keeping an eye on VoodooI2C and the latest commits finally fix right click on the trackpad as well as make it a lot nicer to use. Great work alex.daoud and coolstar. There is no official release yet so I am using gujiangjiang build from here . Issue thread was found here. Glad the scaling problems could be sorted out
  2. Make sure you install AppleBacklightInjector.kext into Library/Extensions. Maybe that will fix it. I had that issue and that fixed it.
  3. Hmm even in Trackpad - Secondary Click when I set it to click in bottom right corner it doesn't work for me either so haven't got a clue why it isn't. Otherwise works awesome thanks again for your awesome work alex.daoud it is greatly appreciated!
  4. That would be awesome even as a temporary solution as at least then the trackpad would work properly until you find a solution for all laptops. But thanks for the explanation it is definitely interesting. Well on my laptop with the same configuration as your github beyond updates to clover and kexts + cosmetic tweaks (Larger Boot Logo) it doesn't work for either. I have to use control click ATM. However one thing I am not doing is installing VoodooPS2Daemon (since it was depreciated) or VoodooPS2Controller to S/L/E if maybe that has something to do with it. I even read a guide on tonymacx86 for the 9560 which uses a similar trackpad and people are saying right click works even if erratically so maybe I did something wrong. Two finger scrolling is fine single click anywhere is fine even the other gestures no problem beyond two finger zooming.
  5. Glad you sorted it. In terms if stability with the 10.14.1 version my laptop has gotten much more stable with AptioMemoryFix. Seems to be far more reliable for me now. However this could also be due to me updating to clover 4722 and updating kexts. A tip for everyone if you want to make your life easier updating kexts use this https://bitbucket.org/profdrluigi/kextupdater/downloads/. Has anybody had an issue where the backlight flickers before it goes to sleep with the new update? Additionally if you want to avoid boot up errors with AptioMemoryFix remember to unplug you earphones from the computer before shutting down. Shutting down with them plugged in then unplugging them and turning on the computer again with them unplugged causes it to fail booting. A hard power off and power on fixes that for me. This Hackintosh is so close to being perfect for me. Just the trackpad scaling issues with the inability to right click, Fans spinning when seemingly idle and some minor quirks like HDCP problems in iTunes + QuickTime and flickering before sleep. Thanks again for the guide wmchris.
  6. Just something I discovered there now. I found out if you want the bigger Apple logo on you 4K screen there is a plist config option in clover. I used clover configurator and went into the boot graphics section and enabled EFILoginHiDPI by putting 1 and setting UIScale to 2. Makes it look nicer. Just a cosmetic thing but maybe you could put it in your guide as a post install fix.
  7. I concur with that. Had to reinstall AppleBacklightInjector to Library/Extensions and fight though a few unable to allocate errors with the memory fix. I updated clover, Lilu and WhatEverGreen to their latest versions before updating to be on the safe side No fixes I am concerned with on that BIOS. You should only update BIOS if there are major security fixes or you are having issues. I don't use those features so I will stay on 1.8.0. Also Dell have a tendency to break things with BIOS updates
  8. Not that bad but when I had my SD card slot enabled in BIOS it drained faster. I already had my touch screen disabled so can't comment based on that. I am using basically the same configuration as this guide. I have had weird issues of when unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in it taking a while to start recognising it is charging. The .1 update is out now BTW so I am holding off until tomorrow to test it as I need my computer working tomorrow.
  9. https://github.com/alexandred/VoodooI2C/issues/105#issuecomment-424909888 Yeah it sucks that right click and 2 finger gestures are broken as otherwise the trackpad driver is flawless. I am still amazed how well it works.
  10. I was reading into that and I am glad for the most part we don't need slide values anymore. I am on BIOS 1.8.0 and it works good for me for the most part although sometimes when powering on it might take a while/ sometimes bluetooth fails to load or keyboard fails to load. Shutting down and booting into it again fixes it for me anyway. An odd quirk.
  11. Hmm that is odd as it is working for me. With a few issues. The fans seem to be over active and then quiet down after a while of using. The native trackpad drivers (VoodooI2C) work but the right click doesn't for me for some odd reason. And of course as mentioned above HDCP is broke for iTunes and Netflix via Safari at this point in time.
  12. Will do! For now the VDADecoderChecker is stating this which is a good start: GVA info: [11.7.34] AVFQTX_CreateInstance 0x108273000, [1920x1056::1280x720] profile_level:77:41, tt(fp):0(0), usage:0, frame_mbs:1, di:0, dither:1, oold:0, stream_ram:0, stream_buf_size:2097152, fmt: 420v ... GVA info: AVFQTX_CreateInstance, GFX:0 ,Bandwidth:94003200, PhysicalAccelerator create error = 0 GVA info: AVFQTX_DisposeInstance 0x108273000, scheduled:0, output:0, high_perf:0[ nan%], blocked:0[ nan%], error:0, slices:0, maxFrameSize:0 Hardware acceleration is fully supported I will have to do some more research later in the week about this as only GVA info: Successfully connected to the Intel plugin, offline Gen75 is mentioned. Since Mojave is a new release that is most likely why... I will try shikigva=1 now but probably not that easy Edit: As predicted not that easy... will have to do more digging Even downloading videos and playing them causes this.
  13. Anybody having problems playing back iTunes content on Mojave? From what I have read there was an extension called Shiki that handled this but now it is merged into WhateverGreen. Seems to be an HDCP issue. Whilst I could download the movies and it would work fine it would be cool to stream them like a real Mac. DRM sucks....
  14. Awesome that is what it was! Glad it wasn't me being stupid The only problem I have with the native trackpad drivers now is that right click doesn't seem to do anything. The rest of it is awesome though