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  1. just tried Zenith432's 6th patch USBXHCI and removed PXHCD, same error again: USBF: 34.210 AppleUSBHub[0xffffff803070f800]::ConfigureHub(hub @ 0x7c000000) could not get hub descriptor (0xe00002c2) USBF: 34.210 AppleUSBHub[0xffffff803070f800]::ConfigureHubDriver Aborting startup for hub @ 0x7c000000, error 0xe00002c2 (invalid argument) Guess I'll stick with bebop68 solution for now.
  2. Thks bebop68, it works!! Just wondering why it used to work using Zenith432's patched USBXHCI.kext and no need to use unlock PXHCD.kext until I rebuild the system using Fusion drive, should have nothing to do with it.....
  3. Okay, Zenith432's 5th patched USBXHCI.kext worked perfectly on my MBP 2010 until I rebuild the system to use Fusion drive..... Now I got this error on startup and no drive can be recognize: USBF: 43.130 AppleUSBHub[0xffffff803d0a9c00]::ConfigureHub(hub @ 0x7c000000) could not get hub descriptor (0xe00002c2) USBF: 43.130 AppleUSBHub[0xffffff803d0a9c00]::ConfigureHubDriver Aborting startup for hub @ 0x7c000000, error 0xe00002c2 (invalid argument) Any thought on this? Thank you guys
  4. Okay guys, no need to use crappy 3rd party drivers anymore, as long as you've NEC chipset and follow this thread, you'll be all set.
  5. Just for everybody's interest, Mountain Lion new version of IOUSBFamily.kext will kill patched/original Lacie/Caldigit/Sonnet driver, getta wait for new version coming out, or upgrade your mainboard to have IvyBridge chipset.......
  6. SkyZ

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    Still no Blu-Ray support...... WTF
  7. Hi there, I didn't make any measurement (don't have SATA 3 HDD at this moment), and I believe most of the system still haven't really utilize all the bandwidth of SATA II (3Gb/s), so....... Anyway, instead of paying premium for Sonnet/Newer Tech eSATA II cards, or dirt cheap but very unstable Silicon Image 3132 based cards, the HighPoint one is obviously the best choice, at least for this moment.
  8. Just to confirm this cheap adapter works OOB in Snow Leopard, no need to go for expensive Sonnet or Newer Tech card or even HighPoint Mac product line: http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA_new/series_r600.htm