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  1. Thanks, helped out there loads! You got QE on you graphics though? Through reading this entire post I have made a Magic 8 GIG USB Pen Drive, I now have 10.5.7 working on my Acer Aspire One, I went 10.5.4 iAtkos via USB Stick Then Chameleon 2.0 RC1 Then the Terminal Sleep Code and upgrade to 10.5.5 Then the Terminal Sleep Code and upgrade to 10.5.6 Then reinstall mouse and keyboard kexts as they stopped working Then the Terminal Sleep Code and upgrade to 10.5.7 Then install All Video Kexts except GMA950 kext Install Ethernet Install Sound Fully booting and running with Vanilla Kernel!! No need for Seatbelt.kext either and am very happy all except theres no QE on the graphics card as the GMA950 kext wont work. Anyone know a fix for it?
  2. I have used the driver in this post to get sound on my laptop on kalyway after transferring from iatkos 2. I am now running vanilla kernel which i am happy about but my line out no longer works?? Is there a fix for this as I cant find one on the forum. My sound chip is a realtec ac97 with HD Cheers Scott