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  1. I was able to install/boot OSX thanks to Empire EFI. Now, I have been unable to install Chameleon RC3 installed found on this site (it asks for a CD during install). Any guide/help on getting my bootloader installer so that I do not need Empire EFI cd anymore? In addition: - CPU is not shown in "About this Mac" any tips?
  2. Chameleon 2 RC3 r658 Installation Package

    Hi I get the message "Inser the "(null)" disc to continue the installation" and it ejects my CD tray... I bootup 10.6 (Retail) using Empire EFI
  3. Cannot Install Printer(s)

    Hi thanks for the reply. The Printer is Wireless (WLAN), and according to my mac the protocol is Bonjour. Brother's website shows that the brother drivers are "bundled" with Mac OSX 10.5 I don't know where they are and it seems like iPC distro has them stripped (I only see Epson drivers in the dropdown)
  4. Cannot Install Printer(s)

    Can you please post the Brother drivers for 10.5? Using iPC 10.5.6 it did not install any drivers for brother printer
  5. ALC268 how to get sound back after sleep?

    I have ALC268 working using HDAenabler.kext and ALC268.kext from another thread. However it is a reported problem that audio doesn't come back after sleep. Is there anything I can do to get sound back without a reboot? Thanks
  6. HP DV9700 Shutdown/Sleep doesn't work

    Can you manage the brightness using Mac keyboard controls for dim? I can't seem to be able to using NVinject using FUNC* F7 F8 works though. But I wanted OSX to control the brightness....
  7. fight the backlight brightness control feature

    any way to get the brightness controls in OSX working on an HP dv9700? funct* work but when you unplug the power it does not autodim. nvidia 8400M GS 256MB
  8. Hi guys, I have ALC268 installed and works like a charm. However, after coming back from sleep sound doesn't work at all. Is there a solution available? iPC 10.5.6 thanks.

    This does not work on DV9700 CTO
  10. MacFuse rename "Untitled" mount to "Windows"?

    Hi, i tried that but the box is greyed out
  11. Hi guys, I have PowerManagement.kext and ACPIbattery.kext installed. I don't remember if I installed any "fixes" for the shutdown problem, I have two questions: 1. Any App that will let me see current installed kext and disable/delete them? 2. Any fixes for the sleep/shutdown problem that you know for these HP laptops? Thanks
  12. Hi guys how can I rename my "Untitled" mount to Windows? iPC 10.5.6 Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, Is there any way to get an accurate measurement of the Time left on battery? My laptop is a dv9700 CTO, I have the PowerManagement.kext and ACPIbatteryMeter.kext installed on 10.5.6 iPC.
  14. Hi, I want to swap my current Intel 4965AGN card with something that is supported by OSX. Can you please tell me of any cards (wireless) that work with OSX (and Airport), that I can replace on my HP Laptop dv9700? Thanks