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  1. not work, i already reinstall/update the driver, but my menu still black
  2. ok, thx, i use x1600xt, i will install driver, anyone have the link for update ?
  3. Help me plz! After update to 10.5.3, my menu got black , anyone have same problem with me i use applecombo update with netkas method
  4. any one can u help me i repair my drive permission, with diskutil after done, i reboot after that i got message Panic ( cpu ) caller 0x0042f4e9): unable to find this driver for this platform :\'ACPI\".\n"@/source code /xnu/xnu-1228.0.2/iokit/kernel/IOPlatformexpert.cpp:1378 What should i do ?
  5. i already applied like u say, but i got meesage "still waiting root device" what version your P35-DQ6