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  1. I did update to 6.7U1 just yesterday and 3.0 continues to work. I shut down my macos VMs, uninstalled unlocker, rebooted, updated ESXI, rebooted, re-installed unlocker again, rebooted and finally ... macos Mojave VM is back running Thanks
  2. youme

    Unlocker Next Steps

    Quick Update: I upgraded my long lasting macos VM from High Sierra to Mojave today. Without any noticeable problem.
  3. youme

    Unlocker Next Steps

    I was running 6.7, latest patch-level, with macos High Sierra and mojave beta. Both without any problem. With the arrival of 3.0 I just now uninstalled unlocker-210, rebooted, tried mojave without suceess (of course ), installed unlocker-300, rebooted, et voilá everything is back running. Both, High Sierra and Mojave beta. Will see whats going to happen the next days. In case I do not come back here, one should expect things to properly work. Thanks again, Donk!
  4. youme

    Unlocker Next Steps

    Hey Donk, I have been using unlocker for 2 years now. With 2.9 or so I have even been able to test mojave on 6.7. Now I am of course looking forward to updating my 6.7 to the official 3.0 release as soon as it is available. I bet there are many silent users around. And while I cannot contribute to anything you are doing here, I at least am able to say a big big "Thank You, Sir"; for all the effort you are spending to make this happen. I definitely appreciate it. Cheers