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  1. EP35-DS3R Tips

    Nevermind. I got it. 4870 with VGA cable. 1680x1050. 64-bit. 4Gb Ram. 10.6.2 and no issues at all. I have not tried sleep yet though.
  2. EP35-DS3R Tips

    Hello poofyhairguy. I need to make sure I get your steps right. I just completed a ep43-ud3L for my girl and we are both happy with the outcome. Now its time for my ep35-ds3R. I already have Leopard 10.5.6 working pretty good, however, its not snow. I followed the life hacker guide to do hers and I still have the USB drive I prepared. I also downloaded the boot cd. The install failed quite often. I had to keep retrying. As a matter of fact, the install she is using now, reported that it failed. But it still works and I updated to 10.6.2. I have a couple of questions. Do you know how to patch the dsdt(without gfx) you provided the link for? Was asking due to the alc889a. It could be input in the dsdt and is supposed to work better. It would be nice, but I guess if it works pretty good as is, no prob to me. I use Ableton Live a lot. Next question. Does sleep work for you with your provided kexts? I can do without it if it does not. Just might wanna save electricity at times. If it does not work, is it ok if I get rid of sleepenabler.kext or does snow really need it? Should I add all your kexts into the E\E folder or should any be added with kext utility/kexthelper? I got your pm about the 4870, I will try efi 10.5 and an evoenabler.kext for it. But I do have on last very important question. Could you give some tips on installing Chameleon RC4 after I am booted into Snow. I have snowbootloader which includes RC3. Would it be safe to just use the Chameleon rc4 installer packege? or Should I just stick with rc3?
  3. Boot time of your Hackintosh?

    Well, I search for both the ep35-ds3r and ep43-ud3l. Both had semi-install guides. I do not know how to patch dsdt.aml either. Luckily there were one provided for each board. I will try to learn how to patch the dsdt due to me having 889a on the ep35. But, if the legacy kext works for it, I will more than likely leave it alone. I just install Snow on these this weekend. So I don't know too much.
  4. Boot time of your Hackintosh?

    core 2 duo e8400@3.8 FSB 1600Mhz 4gb OCZ Reaper 1150Mhz DDR2 4-4-4-12 ep35-DS3R Ati Radeon 4870 512mb Custom DSDT.aml 10 seconds after spinning apple screen core 2 duo e6600@3.2 FSB 1600Mhz 2gb Corsair xms2 800Mhz DDR2 4-4-4-12 ep43-ud3L Nvidia 8800gt 512mb Custom DSDT.aml same, 10 seconds after spinning apple screen takes me around 10-15 seconds to get to chameleon screen though. All due to AHCI I guess. I am new to this so I have not deleted any kexts. I suppose deleting unneeded kexts will speed up boot time. Any of you know which kexts can be deleted?
  5. ATI HD4850 (Sapphire) in Snow Leopard

    That sucks. My monitor does my max res @ 60hz only. Will Snow force res?
  6. ATI HD4850 (Sapphire) in Snow Leopard

    I can't wait to get home and try this. Did you install Chameleon on seperate partition or to Snow partition? Manually or install package? I have a perfect working Leo but I just built my girl a Snow Leo PC so now I am jealous.
  7. EP35-DS3R Tips

    Try dropping alc889.kext on kext utility icon. Hopefully it will work. I have a headache from the ep43-ud3l that i finally got 100% Snow Vanills install. Now to try booting into 64-bit kernel.
  8. I think that I have the F4 Bios if I am not mistaken. All I know is that it is the next to the last bios. And I have the revision 2.1 board. I only wish I had support for my x-fi xtrememusic card. But anyway, just be sure to follow instructions carefully. And another thing, did you buy the retail disk or download a copy? I will not judge you if you download. But if thats the case, you can not really burn the disc within windows without certain software. So this COULD be your issue.
  9. I wish I could help you out homie. I am running the same board as you. I completely killed my Jmicron in the BIOS. I am using the via 6421 sata/ide card for my IDE hard drives. I also followed this guide to get a perfectly working retail 10.5.6 install along with dual booting with Windows 7 on the same drive. Try burning the discs slower.
  10. Thanks man. I cant wait to get home to try this out. No more disabler kext for me. If it does not work I will try try again. Thanks again.
  11. Hello All. Mr. Nemo, I would like to know if it is possible to use the Chameleon 2.0 bootloader with this guide. I am a noob when it comes to the Leopard OS. I have the ep35-ds3r and I have successfully installed the Retail 10.5.4 with my fully working Diamond 4870. Ethernet and the sound is fine too. I also installed disabler.kext and updated to 10.5.6. However, I am still booting from your boot disk. I just bought a 500gb hd so that I can dual boot windows 7 and Leopard. I am half way there. The leopard dvd wont let me use MBR at all. I always have to use GUID. My goal is to install leopard on 205gb partition first. This is already done. Then install Windows 7 to an 84gb partition. I have already created this partition within my XP OS. I have not tried installing windows 7 to it yet. I ran into a problem at first because with the LEO retail disk, I made 2 partitions. 1 for leo install the other I selected as free space. Win 7 would not install to the drive at all. So I reformatted and did 205gb for Leo and the rest to FAT32. I then booted into xp to format the fat32 to ntfs. So, could you please help me to finish this off. The Chameleon 2.0 is def not a must. I really want to use EasyBCD and the windows 7 bootloader to boot into my Leopard. Please assist.
  12. Can someone share some knowledge with me?

    OK thanks homie. I would like to ask another question which is: How come I can not install from my pioneer sata dvd burner? I always get waiting on root device. Everytime I mess up installation, I have to put my IDE back in just to install. Is there a workaround for this. I am just trying to get it right. My install just went bad because I kept getting install failed on kalyway 10.5.3 combo update and I dont know why. It would get to 96% and fail everytime. I tried from my original NTFS download spot and the copied one from my OS X desktop. but both failed then I tried to put usb that I had the file on and got a Kpanic. so it rebooted then guess what? My menu at top and my dock appeared then dissapeared. Now all I got is my wallpaper and my mouse pointer which works. but nothin in sight to click on. So back to square 1, clean install. I am re downloading update. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO INSTALL FROM SATA DVD.
  13. Can someone share some knowledge with me?

    OK Ipoco. MacDrive is something that I don't need. I have access in leopard to my other drives plus my usb travel drive. I got kalyway combo update on my ntsf plus everything else. All I have to do is boot into OS X then copy em over.
  14. Can someone share some knowledge with me?

    I will do a lil research on it. Thanks for fast reply. But, will the update do the kernel thing for me?