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  1. I was actually away from home so dint reply Well if you haven't reinstalled it, there are a few things we can try.
  2. you need to go to the folder first. the command should be cd Desktop/Nvidia\ Drivers/ and then execute the commands.
  3. There is geekbench to test perfomance. And all the best with the update.
  4. No you dont need to NVCAP strings, you just have to set GraphicsEnabler (see my boot.plist file). Cuda drivers are not required. It shouldn't downgrade your perfomance because a GT250 is basically a renamed 9800GT.
  5. Do a thing, once you download the files and extract it to the desktop, go to the extra folder, copy the .rom file and make a 10de_0615.rom file. You dont need to change anything else manually. It should all be fine.
  6. You do this after the update. But unzip the files before hand to the desktop.
  7. I am working on that script now. I will upload it will all the files and everything so its simple for everyone to do so. As for video performance I dont really know, but I can play the games I own really well (Killing Floor anybody?, COD4, etc). There are no artifacts or any other problems(I dont know about the ones that people might have with a different setup). As for security issues, I haven't heard or read anything about it. Well even if there is one, it is a price you have to pay (for wanting to update to 10.6.6 and running OSx86 [which is a much bigger issue, but I wont touch that here]) The files and the script is located here : http://rapidshare.com/files/443950655/nVidia.tar.gz After downloading the files, copy the folder to your desktop. Go to the Extra folder, edit the com.apple.Boot.plist as needed. Open Terminal.app, and enter the following commands : chmod +x updateDrivers.sh sudo ./updateDrivers.sh It should ask you for your password, Enter and the updating should run. Once it is done, double check your boot.plist file and reboot. The script has been tested, and like always I would not take any responsibility if anyone ends up screwing your system if you did something wrong. And please report back if it works for you. -H P.S. : If a kind heart would like to donate, PM me, and I will tell you how you can do that.
  8. I think it would be better if I wrote a script to do this. Maybe I will do this later in the day.
  9. For me it would just panic at the end of the combo updater and reboot on its own. It still does update fine though.
  10. It works for me via a DVI -> HDMI connector. Just use the files I listed in the post before. Download them and save it to the desktop after unzip. Install 10.6 retail, update via combo updater, let it reboot and freak out, reboot again via -s (Single User mode) and copy the files via command line. Do all the changes(to the boot.plist files, etc) before the upgrade so its easier to do all. I worked via command line because I have a linux background, but it might not be that easy for you to do so. Do what I did and write a script and save it in your home directory, and run it every time you need to update. I only needed a 10.6.6 update for the Mac Store.
  11. If using chameleon at boot prompt type Wait=Yes, and take a screenshot and upload it here. I had the similar problem, but I want to know if its exactly the same (otherwise the solution can make it worse)
  12. Ok, so after 6 reinstalls and over 40 reboots, I got this working on 10.6.6. Using the NV files and framework from 10.6.2, and the BIOS method it works. Only problem so far is that I have a ghost display (800x600) which isnt a dealbreaker though. Files that are being used are uploaded here. They weren't uploaded by me. Credit goes to glitchman for the upload. CPU : Intel Core2Duo E6750 MoBo : DG33FB Video Card : MSI 9800GT 512MB Installation Method : Hazard 10.6.2 + 10.6.6 Combo Update 64 bit Working. This is a vanilla-ish install with everything working.
  13. well u need to replace the appleacpiplatform.kext with the kexts from a tiger installer look for a post in the forum that has this kexts.... and then burn the dvd and it should work.... worked for me regards, him89.
  14. if ur are using windows check out my post here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=111108 regards, him89
  15. please help me to decide

    kalway is the best me for..... working with no problems what so ever... regards, him89.