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    Dual Video Card Help

    I have ordered one of these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000QRTHX8 It will be here on Tuesday. If it works, I will need to run two of them. The way it works is it will advertise itself as a monitor that supports 3360x1050 resolution. I will then need to set my video card to output that on each port. The device will break up the 3360 into two 1680 outputs and let me attach two dvi monitors to that converting the one signal into two monitors. If OSX will not output @ 3360x1050 on my hardware, I'm still screwed. Will update with the results. This solution is about $450 though so a way to run both video cards is still preferred.
  2. bigboss_

    Dual Video Card Help

    I have setup a hackintosh with Kalaway 10.5.2 on an Intel 975bx2 board. This board has 3 x16 PCIe slots (that run at x8 when you have multiple cards inserted). I have 4 21" wide screen monitors hooked up via DVI. I would like all 4 of these monitors to be working on the hackintosh. I can currently get 2 working fine using one video card but as soon as I add the other card, I get a boot kernel panic with the "You need to hold power to reset your computer" message. I currently have two Nvidia 8600 GT cards and am using NVKush to install the driver. I have also installed Leopard Graphics update. When I remove the 2nd Nvidia 8600, the system boots up and I get full HW accelerated dual monitor video support. When I add the 2nd card in, the system will not boot. I have also tried using PC_EFI 8.0 and adding the appropriate string to my com.apple.Boot.plist file and the results are the same.. I have also at my disposal, two ATI x1600 dual DVI cards. I have also tried removing one of the NV 8600 GT's and replacing it with the ATI x1600 then using maclover's patched driver to get the card working. Here are the results using a combination of cards: NV 8600 slot 1 - both DVI ports working ATI x1600 slot 2 - card recognized in system profiler as ATI x1600 but no monitors attached, no video on these monitors. ATI x1600 slot 1, NV 8600 slot 2 - System will not boot. ATI x1600 slot 1 - first DVI port works full HW acceleration 1680x1050, 2nd DVI no monitor attached ATI x1600 slot 2 - all ports no monitor attached, no video. NV 8600 slot 1, NV 8600 slot 2 - System will not boot. I am looking for any solution to get 4 monitors working via DVI. Anyone have any ideas? BigBoss