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  1. So I was wondering. Is it just me, or is Apple Mail in OS X 10.9 using extermely much CPU time? It's constantly using about 30-50% of my Core 2 Duo. Is this some bug in Apple Mail that affects a lot of people or should I rebuilt my mail library? Greetings, Milan
  2. milan475

    1201NL WLAN card in 1201N

    The 1201NL wifi card doesnt work under OSX, because it's the same card that's used in the 1201N. Maybe someone should change the compatibility chart on ww.mymacnetbook.com
  3. milan475

    Alcinject still needed for Leo and Efi?

    Broken Link :s
  4. milan475

    HOW-TO?! Unload AppleHDA.kext?

    Hi Everybody, Can someone explain me how to unload the appleHDA driver? Because after I wake from sleep my audio is gone. Now I use VoodooHDA and I use sleepwatcher to unload the kexts before I went to sleep, and than I reload them after I wake. But when I try the same thing with AppleHDA it doesn't work. When I try to manually unload appleHDA.kext with terminal it waits about 10 seconds, the sound gives a plop and it says unload failed, than my sounds stops working, but when I try to reload the kext, it says already loaded. I want to use appleHDA instead of voodooHDA, because my internal mic doesn't work with voodooHDA. Grtz, Milan
  5. Hey Everybody, Since today I've sleep working on my HP G70 by installing voodooUSBEHCI. And finnaly I've got sound working after sleep as well It was just a question of using sleepwatcher to unload voodooHDA etc etc. And than I noticed a very strange thing. When I wake up from sleep my video effects are about 10 times smoother than before I went to sleep. Stange huh? I'm just curious If I'm the only one.
  6. milan475

    Alc260 en leopard

    Yes me to! xD Maybe its better to post your {censored} at Your Language -> Spanish. Cause we're only talking english here:P
  7. Hi, Snow leopard is working great on my HP compaq CQ70 (same device as an HP G70) It has an conexant cx20561 (hermosa) sound card. The only thing is I cant't find a way to get OR my internal MIC or my extrenal MIC working. VoodooHDA sees both of the inputs, but it doesn't recognize any signal. In Leopard I used this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...mode=linearplus but in snow the driver loads but it doesn't find my card. So it says: no input/output device found. When I look at systemprofiler I learn that appleHDAcontroller is loaded but AppleHDAPlatformDriver isn't HOW-TO-FIX?
  8. milan475

    conexant cx20561 small change :)

    In snow it does load HDAenabler and AppleHDAcontroller but it doesn't load AppleHDA.kext itself and niether AppleHDAPlatformDriver Why, I'd really need the input!
  9. milan475

    conexant cx20561 small change :)

    Does anyone know how to get this driver working under snow leopard? VoodooHDA doesn't give me autoswitch an input.
  10. milan475

    Port leopard AppleHDA.kext

    Hi everybody, I'm very pleased with snow on my laptop. HP G70. Fast as hell. But one of the very annoying problems is the non working internal mic with voodooHDA. In Leopard I used these kexts: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1229035 But they have no effect in snow. Seems like there's some depency fault. Does one no how I can get them working under snow?
  11. milan475


    You should go through the setup process by using an usb mouse and keyboard. After that you need to install one of the ps2 drivers here: http://cid-8b65993ef55cf014.skydrive.live....==?view=details Suc6!
  12. Hi everybody, Just a quick tut how to get your TSSTcorp TS-L633 working under os X. (I'll be on holiday tomorrow) For my holdiday I wanted to burn some cd's in iTunes but is said "The device failed to respond properly, unable to recover or retry." A quick search at google learned me that my samsung drive was using the HP firmware instead of the samsung firmware. This is how to get your drive burning: 1. Boot in to windows. 2. Download and install winrar 3. Go to http://www.x-drivers.com/catalog/bios_firm...l633l/9304.html and download the firmware. 4. Extract the zip. 5. Open the extracted folder. 6. Right-click www.x-drivers.ru_samsung_ts-l633l_sc02.exe and use winrar to extract the exe. 7. Open the folder. 8. Open Command Promt Start > run > cmd 9. drag drop Tsdnwin.exe into the command window ,type " -NOCHECK" and press enter 8. in the now opened window Select TS-L633L_SC02.BIN. 9. Flash, reboot in OS X and BURRRN ! Cheerz, Milan
  13. Is there anybody who has a solution for the "no sound after sleep" problem?