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  1. I have been trying to install 10.6.0 on my tx2000z, and I either get nothing (no boot) or a kernel panic. I am using the "Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel AMD made by Hazard" distro currently. I am not installing either of the updates (10.6.1 or 10.6.2) because that's usually when it doesn't boot at all. I am following the guide in the HCL under 10.5.2 as best as I can but its a different distro with different options. I'm picking all the obvious kext's, but is there something I am missing? The full list of kext's on the disk can be found easily enough. I know there's still no proper QE/CI for my graphics card, but that's not what I want it for. System Specs: AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core 2GHz Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 graphics nVidia Northbridge C51M (Mobile Integrated Graphics) nVidia Southbridge MCP51 Broadcom 4321AGN 802.11a/b/g/n + Bluetooth Realtek 10/100/1000 Ethernet (not sure exactly what model) AuthenTec Fingerprint Reader AES1610 Integrated HP webcam (not sure of the exact hardware) 3 GB RAM SATA Hard Drive Wacom Digitizer Touchscreen (I saw drivers for one of the tablet netbooks, but this isnt my main concern right now) Without -v I just get the screen that tells me to restart the system, with -v this is what I get: (if you cant read it ill take more)
  2. Hello, I have some experience with the tx2000z and OSX. I was working with some other guys on the forums to get this notebook working with 10.5, and we got somewhere, but it wasnt working fully, and I gave up on the project. The HCL gived pretty good instructions on getting 10.5.2 installed and updated to a point. tx2000z with 10.5 There is also a link to the original thread, which is way too long to go through by now, and nothing good came out of it, other than the instructions on the first post. As far as I know, even in 10.6, the same problems listed would still occur(the tapping the power button is the least of the problems). Have you tried doing an upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6, if thats possible? What distros are you using? It might be worth it to re-attack the problem if enough has changed in 10.6.
  3. It says on the HCL that it works with the XxX OSX86 disc, but I cant get it to work. Nowhere can I find what to install as far as drivers and things under the customize menu. There are obvious things like the graphics, audio, and network drivers, but I dont know what to pick for power management , boot loaders, chipset, or anything else. If anyone can help me get this installed, I would really appreciate it.
  4. @iceman012 You are trying to replace the PowerManagement.bundle with the one in the pack for the tx1000 right? If thats the case, an easy way to get around it is to just delete the original PowerManagement.bundle, and then drag the replacement file into its place. It should work. I'm also still searching for the location of some of these tablet config files. I mostly work with Windows, so I have no clue where OSX places a lot of stuff, and right now I'm just taking stabs in the dark at where the files I need are. I found the Pen Tablet kext, and modified it so it should recognize the screen as a tablet, but I think that driver is specifically for what ever they use in the ModBook, and has no clue what to do with itself when it sees something else. Right now I'm messing with USB drivers from Wacom, but I'm starting to wonder if the calibration issues come from no proper display drivers, because when I can get to a calibration screen, it puts the 4 dots in what would be the corners of the screen if it were at 1024x768. I wonder......is it possible to make the drivers think it is 1280x800 like were doing with the video...?
  5. Two things. First: Will Apple switch to nVidia graphics? That would really make this easy on us, but it would be a ways off, probably right along with the release of Snow Leopard. Sceond thing. Anyone know where the configuration files are located for tablet drivers (modbook, wacom, ect...)? I think I'm close to being able to get a fully working and calibrated touchscreen on the tx2000z. Just a thought....are any of the ATI display drivers open source? if so, what ones? Everything I'm doing here is just speculation and isnt really based on anything that I have seen or heard, just ideas I get.
  6. @wyzazz Congrats, hope everything goes alright! I'm not sure if I'm making any real progress here, still cant get any of the software to actually know theres a tablet here. Some of them say their calibrating, but it has no real affect on the actual calibration. I figured this would be easier to tackle than writing video drivers from scratch, I'll save that for the pros, OR get me another your of school in, and I should be able to take a crack at it, but like I said....another YEAR......
  7. I know about the ModBook, I have their drivers on my OSX install. Doesnt pick up my screen as a tablet though. Thats why I'm hoping some official support from Apple will make things work a little better. Another set of drivers will be just another source to pull from in getting working ones.
  8. I found something that could be coming out in the future that might help us out. MacBook Touch. Essentially what we're trying to do here. I just hope Apple will put out drivers that recognize different kinds of displays, not just theirs. I'm still messin with drivers for qe/ci support, and touch calibration, but nothing major yet. I do have the Apple dev kit tho, some pretty powerful tools in there, we'll see what I come up with.
  9. Touch screen progress on the tx2000z! I almost literally stumbled onto a site, Hampshire Touch, and saw they made touch screen drivers for OSX. I was like....hmm....worth a shot....and well, I dont have a perfectly calibrated screen, but one that WANTS to be calibrated. By that I mean, when its calibrated, the 4 corner touch points are where they would be on a 1024x768 screen, and in the center of my screen, it works, but the further out from the center you go, the worse it gets. I think the computer thinks it is still using 1024x768 for a display resolution, even though it is showing 1280x800. Here is something interesting though.....I put a window in the middle of the screen, and using the pen, dragged it to the edge of the screen, and the window and cursor stayed under the pen the whole time. Strange no? I think some of this is the fault of not having proper display drivers...but if we can force it to show native rez, maybe I can force it to calibrate at native rez too. oh yeah, the drivers are the intel&ppc 2.1.0 touch drivers.
  10. Hello again everyone. Its been a while since I have tried anything with OSX, but I have been following this thread pretty closely. With the creation of the new instructions for a fresh install, I decided to give it a go, and it worked great on my tx2000z. (thanks wyzazz!) I have a pretty good working install of OSX 10.5.2 with the usual problems. No sign of the weird boot problems I was getting before though, so that's good news. I would like to suggest adding this file (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=26066) to the instructions for fixing problems with Windows file shares. It was posted by Alex DeWolf earlier in this thread, and is necessary for me to be able to access file shares on some if my Windows machines. The same for anyone else? I can also confirm that this works to get full control over your audio. The mute button still stays orange though, kinda annoying, but no big deal. I am also currently downloading the files to update to 10.5.4, but the 10.5.3 update is still 5 hours off. Any better hosting for it than to use a torrent? It only appears to have 5 or so seeders, and might die out eventually. suggestions? Not gunna bother asking about qe/ci support, because I figured there would be a huge party thrown when a solution is discovered....
  11. Managed to get Leopard working again, thanks in part to this guide, and a lot of spare time. Looks like I got it working at just the right time! QE/CI support on the way! Two things I noticed in my experiments. Leo4All is the only version that has the issue where you have to hit the power button to get it to boot. Upchuck 10.4.8 and Zepyroth's 10.5.2 boot fine, but dont run as good, but 10.4.8 doesnt run after install. Zep's runs with audio out of the box, very good touch screen calibration, but no wifi. I couldnt test any more, because after initial setup it wouldnt boot back up. (hfs+ error again) What files deal with the OSX boot sequence and the tablet info? I think those should be taken from Zep's and tried in Leo4All. Oh, one more thing. the 10.4.8 install disk properly recognized this laptop as an HP tx2110us in "About This Mac". Weird, no? Any way we could replicate that?
  12. I cant get into Vista. My bios screen disappears, and I get an HFS+ error. The only way to get into Vista is to delete the OSX partition. I'm wondering if the darwin bootloader doesnt know Vista is there?
  13. I had a pretty good working Dual boot of OSX 10.5.2 (Leo4Allv2) and Vista, on an HP tx2000z. I screwed a couple things up, and formatted the partition, restored the Vista MBR, brought everything back to normal, before OSX was installed. I re-partitioned my drive, and installed OSX, everything went fine. When it rebooted, I got an HFS+ partition error. I have tried several different distros, none work, fresh install each time. It doesnt appear to be overwriting the Vista MBR, because when I delete the OSX partition Vista boots just fine. I dont know what to do, the Darwin bootloader obviously isnt working. It wont let me boot to Vista or OSX, but its not being installed on the first partition or where the MBR is because I can delete the OSX partition, and not have to fix vista at all, and it boots right. What I dont understand is why I get the HFS+ error when I didnt the first time, and I am replicating the steps exactly.
  14. @TheOne I am using Leo4All v2. From everyone elses experience it appears to be the best that works with the tx2000z. If i can find Zepyroth's distro then ill try it. Is it possible to install some things from one dvd, the some from another? Particularly install the Leo4All OS, then Zepyroth's bootloaders? something along those lines. I think part of my problem came from using MacDrive to try to read OSX files from Windows, but I cant be certain.
  15. Well, now this sucks. Every way I try to install Leopard I get an HFS+ partition error. Not surre what is causing it, but I have done everything excapt format the whole drive, and whipe out my vista install too, which I'm not going to do. I have tried 2 different iso's, same result. Not sure what to do now. Whens Snow Leopard come out?