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    @griven Sure that black screen it is not a OZ issue? I use OZ not in BIOS but via efi shell and bcfg comand and I also get a black screen (NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 ) I did try all listed " initial display outputs" IGFX, PCIe 1 Slot etc. I had to disable driver ozmosis.efi to get back my screen. I can boot via clover, so my BIOS settings should be ok
  2. @Lofen in your script mkboot I guess it's creating the USB boot stick But why did you add support for Realtek ALC889a and Realtek 8111B in there? GA Z77X-UD5H has Realtek ALC898 codec and Atheros GbE LAN chip
  3. thay

    Sapphire 6770 Almost Fully Working

    I did flash my sapphire hd 6770 a couple of month ago to a paper weight. I did flash bios on nvidia grafik or on my mainboard so I have little experiance. I dont no what went wrong. After flashing screen was black Be warned! Maybe someone who made it will write a good tutorial with all details. The card was brandnew so I did get a new on because of waranty.
  4. THX a lot fantomas1 for the hint adding the ID 0x68BA1002 :thumbsup_anim: I have success with this method on Sapphire HD 6670 Ultimate Passiv 1 GB GDDR5 The strange thing is my card does not have the ID 0x68BA1002 In fact it has 0x67581002 Nevertheless it works. finaly :-) About the MAC shows Chipsatz-Modell AMD Radeon HD 6xxx DVD Player, Plex and XBMC are now working without crashes I use ML 10.8.4 and Chimera 2.0.1 No DSDT patch No need for <key>AtiConfig</key> <string></string> <key>AtiPorts</key> <string></string> Today I did play with some new kext konfigs. After that I wasted lot of time because I tried to use my old patched kext files from 10.8.2 in 10.8.4 that doesn't work. If you are on 10.8.4 then ad ID's in kext files which belong to 10.8.4 Also I would recommend to rebuild systemchaches and repair permissions with Kext Wizard for example before reboot. happy mac hacking
  5. thay

    Wallpaper Reset when I restart//LION

    <br /><br /><br />hi, I've got the same problem. I wondering that only a few here have that problem. I found a topic here -> http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=30225 and here ->https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3196420?start=0&tstart=0 "...The lion takes a while to recognize other partitions" So I take my wallpaperes now on Startupvolume and give it a try. good luck
  6. thx :-) nice app info sent Does it show all kext files I really need in Lion? My Idea is to delete unnecessary kext Files and just keep the one I realy need in s/l/e
  7. thay

    ALC888 unter Lion

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=262015 FILES FOR SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT BOARD: EP-45T-UD3L - (ALC888) - thanks to SunLizard Attached File EP45T_UD3L_LionFiles.zip ( 1.4MB ) Number of downloads: 24 ########################################### Hat zu mindestens bei meinem Board gefunkt. Ruhezustand ja Toslink ja
  8. Thanks for the new release of chameleon. With my old one, Trunk r1083, Grafik enabler yes in com.apple.Boot.plist it work's Now I'm using Trunk 1187 and it doesn't work anymore. Very Strange. Could it be that the path to com.apple.Boot.plist has been changed? Or do I have to make a custom EFI Sting for my Geforce 8800 GT like in the past ?
  9. <br /><br /><br /> I had the same problem. Just look some posts above this one. I must be a problem with the bootloader Try a different one. I had success with Kakewalk 4.0 This tutorial here ist awsome anyway. You learn a lot more when doing stuff step by step.
  10. Thx a lot it work very well on my GA-EP-45-UD3LR
  11. I did use Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r1083.pkg Anyway I did try Kakewalk 4.0 now and it is working. No problem at all. Now I can boot from USB. I can't tell whats diffrent in Kakewalk 4 because you just hit some buttons thats all.
  12. Got a problem with to Boot USB Stick on GA-P45-UD3LR after setup on (8.1 GB SMI USB DISC Media) like you did describe here . When I plug this USB to the PC and restart, my PC halt and I must press Reset button and it halt again until I unplug the USB. So I did reformat the Stick to Mac OS Extendet Journaled then I did restart my PC until it comes to Memory Count, then I hit F12 and I can choose the USB stick to boot. So again I setup the like the stick you describe here and the same {censored} happend. The PC just halt after grafik post messages. Usually the Memory starts counting. but again nothing pc just hold. alt + ctrl + entf (del) does not work. I got to push the reset button. I did try until now several USB Media without success for example like a 300 GB extern USB HD and a 16 GB USB Stick same problem here. Cant believe it. I have no answer solution at all. I could throw my pc out of the window :-( The only solution I see right now is to create 2 partitions on my HD. One with at least 8gb. On this partion I bring everything on it like described here in the awsome tutorial But how can I boot from USB?
  13. thay

    Cannot boot from USB drive

    I' can confirm your Problem! I've got the same. Any solution so far?When I format the USB stick to Windows Fat32 I can boot from usb-stick. But this is not what I want.I will use the Stick to boot Lion.As soon as I take the Bootloader Chameleon R5 r1083 on it. I get exactly the same Problem.The boot sequence stops when the USB stick is in port, why??I just can boot when I reset and take the stick off, why ????I cant believe it
  14. thay

    5.1 Soundkarte für den Mac

    Super ich habe es hin bekommen. Decoderstation 5 von Teufel ist die Lösung Endlich DTS und Dolby auf dem Mac :-)