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  1. The New iPod Touch

    I just like the price drop I paid $300 before but sold it for a ps3 now I can get one and have my ps3
  2. Apple Red theme release

    I'm on search for the drop down background so that can be transparent black would look amazing
  3. Apple Red theme release

    What color should the highlights be
  4. Apple Red theme release

    Did you turn of transparencey
  5. Apple Red theme release

    Nice job just need that stupid time index
  6. Apple Red theme release

    negative on 46 I imagine its on line 30 since most of those effect the menu bar
  7. Apple Red theme release

    clr# -> 384 -> then count the squares
  8. Apple Red theme release

    Yeah you using something different?
  9. Apple Red theme release

    This heres some info on which is which SArtFile.bin ------------------------------------------- - 61.png → Apple Menu Unselected - 62.png → Apple Menu Selected - 89.png → Menu Bar Selected Aqua - 90.png → Menu Bar Selected Graphite - 100.png → Regular Menu Selected Aqua - 101.png → Regular Menu Selected Graphite - 102.png → Menu Bar Gradient - 103.png → Spotlight Gradient Aqua - 104.png → Spotlight Gradient Graphite Extras2.rsrc ----------------------- Index 31 is menu text color Index 33 is menu selection text or 34 I'm still trying to find the time color its really bugging me
  10. Apple Red theme release

    Nice I'm glade to see that I have inspired some to make their own. I can make a tutorial if you guys need one it is rather easy to do.
  11. This is my first leopard theme I made and really only mods the menu bar as I know many people wanted a dark menu bar so here it is [Note::If you have transparent menu bar disable it to see the new one] Download below Read the readme to install Apple_Red.zip
  12. Gfx lags after 10.5.4 update

    I'm on 10.5.4 and noticed lag and glitches when I move windows and minimize them I have a Geforce 7600 GS and using nvidia inject 0.2.1 and was working perfectly when I was on 10.5.2 is their anything else that I should reinstall that could fix this and also is anyone experiencing this?
  13. Discontinued

    Are we going to see any updates? its almost working perfect in native
  14. Marvell 88EC031

    I just recently found a driver that works http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=22744 the thread is here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=89475 it will run in native but crash at 6.7mb but if you run in cpus=1 it has no problems at all
  15. Discontinued

    nvm I got it to work woot just did the unplug and works great but crashed when I downloaded skype at 6.8mb