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    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    I hope one day M-Audio will post the sourcecode of their driver.... Ill first try target 10.4u platform .... And yes M-Audio support SUCK DONKEY BALLS!!! I mailed them and just got a cheasy reply, I answered and asked for sources and no reply as of yet (2-3 months). What are all these companies hiding? How they implement audio chipsets? I think its all bullcrap ten top!
  2. New Intel macs dont have fysical PCI busses to plug cards in only PCI-Express Anyway it would be nice if we could device a way to get this chipset going, im gonna install gentoo and try see if I can fabricate something out of the ALSA modules..... (anyone ideas?) PS: Ive got M-Audio Audiophile 192
  3. strings song.m4p |grep name strings song.m4p |grep mail try that on your freshly downloaded song ... watermarked
  4. sjoer

    itunes 7.2 is now available!

    strings song.m4p | grep name strings song.m4p | grep mail try that on your downloaded songs But to the case, anyone got a fix for AMD CPU's? Prefs pane keeps crashing!
  5. sjoer

    iTunes 7.2 and Quicktime 7.1.6 update

    Yep prefs pane crashes
  6. sjoer

    10.4.9 AMD Test 1

    8.9.1 kernel just reboots
  7. sjoer

    Were Back !

    #define INT15_E820_AddressRangeMemory 1 #define INT15_E820_AddressRangeReserved 2 #define INT15_E820_AddressRangeACPI 3 #define INT15_E820_AddressRangeNVS 4 #define EFI_FIRMWARE_BASE_ADDRESS 0x00200000 #define EFI_DECOMPRESSED_BUFFER_ADDRESS 0x00600000 Interresting code
  8. sjoer

    Were Back !

    the .fd file from apple consists of more "volumes" the .fd file is nothing more than a "firmware device"-file, its madeup by glueing two or more binary files together. or on the msdos promp simply copy /b <file 1> + /b <file 2> /b <output-file> I know now that PEI is loaded from the first part then it searches for and jumps to the actual firmware (aka EFI drivers or dxe), what are the other two? Also I bumped into the problem my own PC at home is an AMD64 ... seems to crash efildr right after bootmenu shows Both IA32 (efi and uefi) and X64 builds do this, have yet to find out why. And I got this pile of files from which I have to recover names, anyone here has a GUID > name list for the firmware's?
  9. sjoer

    Were Back !

    All that is missing now is: An Apple like EFI enviroment (to actually give the kernel everything it suspects is there and let boot.efi continue) All I was figuring (as I dont have a real mac here) HOW does the real Apple firmware look like? I mean what is its sturcture? PEI | \/ DXE | \/ =-HFSplus.efi? +-driver modules? +-boot.efi? What is the directory structure etc etc? I still dont know those and I know that there must be a certain file called at bootup to chain the rest of events (AppleEvent.efi?) Or are the file GUID's in the "right order" if so its strange there is no directory structure... Kiko or someone else could you PM/mail or just msg here what the firmware "specs" are how it looks like and maybe what is required for a successful boot sequence to start boot.efi. The main thing im worried about now is that we might be able to LOAD the .fd firmware if we extract it to a .fv file OR is it the same? (someone tried the loadfv.efi? As I know it loads EFIEXTENDED.fv on the DUET drive and contains ALL drivers for fat, usbm etc etc) So we might be able to try this to either load or convert a .fd file to load the "pre" firmware? Or im floating off into the dark ... I also might need some extra food now and I need to go get some new weed as I just ran out after forking with EFI for 2 straight days Also I want to try if its possible to handle the TPM by EFI driver. Then my next concern was using the DUET implementation does a native EFI implementation onboard stay active? As in OS calls to EFI framework > EFI framework loads corresponding modules? but first I goto city get myself some weed, go sleep and reread what I just wrote lolololol
  10. sjoer

    Debugging question

    Doesnt it spawn a tempfile and runs calls from that? (might sound like a dumbs answer, but I use windows only on my brothers pc I use Linux and OSX mainly) I can remember alot of microsoft {censored} (installers etc) call from temp files (for example if I wanted a x86 package only to install on x64 I had to move the installer pack quickly enough to find my new file and not trow error about x86 OS ..... (my 2 grams)
  11. sjoer


    Well im working on EFI alot lately, so you are using a non patchedd kernel (I assume 10.4.9 kernel from the update?) Then I got 4 boot files (boot.efi mod_boot.efi dec_boot.efi and dec_mod_boot.efi) so I just take the boot.efi and mod_boot.efi to test? Also downloading this windows ISO so I dont have to use my brothers PC to compile over and over again >< Another warning DO NOT try to use DUET in an emulation suite, it seems to screw things up atleast I {censored}ed over my USB drive trying to boot from it in VMware (booting linux) and it doesnt when I try native ..... (It hangs right after loading kernel and {censored}s over USB drive, in native it loads kernel (waits 1-2secs) boots linux ...) /edit: forgot to mention I had to remake the USB drive to be bootable, windows took about half an hour to complete the "format phase" but it did work again ><
  12. sjoer


    @Kiko: What revision of DUET are you using? Is it the latest stable development version from edk.tianocore? If so, what is the version of boot.efi you have? Unmodified? Or stripped? I found 3 different boot.efi files in the archive, but dont know what your using currently. Also using vmware or any other emulation software tends to mess things up with DUET trying to boot an OS. Booting Linux was no problem from the DUET-usb drive here ... So if I get a "supposed" to work boot.efi I can test more, Im stuck atm (maybe make sticky with current "releases" for testing etc) Also extracting with xfv-3 I get all garbage .efi files (names I mean are GUID's? ... file used: "LOCKED_MP11_005C_04B.fd") /edit: what kernel are you using? Build from xnu sources? For those having problems building DUET get Visual Studio Express 2005 + Platform SDK + WinDDK. Install MASM32v9R into default folder (C:\masm32) Install MASM611 into default folder (C:\masm611) Open console. Set the path with: "set path=%path%;c:\masm32\bin" (no quotes ofc) Load the VSE2k5 envsettings then the PSDK envsettings. Goto the DUET dir Try building again (nmake efi32) Or read the readme
  13. Reported from 2 audio interfaces connected. Doesnt matter what and how you connect it gets the same guid etc
  14. sjoer

    Better Mouse Move on OSX

    Did you try removing the delay on movement? Btw anyone know how to get the G5 extra buttons to map independently?
  15. How to turn the F12 ejecting off? Its interrupting gameplay