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  1. Is there a way to instal the darwin bootloader without installing the whole iatkos/ideneb. I have osx installed (boot-132) i only don't have the darwin bootloader
  2. Ok the instal for windows worked fine on GTP, OSx is also installed. I installed osx by using boot-132 so i would be fully vanilla, but the osx retail dvd don't gives me a darwin bootloader ofcourse. Anyway to manualy instal the darwinbootloader for my GTP? i've looked around i only so how to instal the bootloader with MBR?
  3. So it is posible to dual boot Vista + OSx using GPT will windows really boot (cant believe i) how did you do that
  4. RVE_NL

    [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Once that is finished, visit netkas's blog post regarding PC EFI version 9 here. There is a download link that says "Bootloader". Download this and unzip it. You will see that a file called "boot" is unzipped. You need to move/copy this file to the root of your hard disk. There should already be a file named "boot" there that Chameleon installed. Overwrite this file with the netkas one. Then issue the following commands: sudo chown root:admin /boot sudo chmod 755 /boot When i try to move/copy the downloaded boot file to the root it says: The item 'boot' cannot be replaced because it is invsible. Already enabled the root account and i am logged in as root, did the following command: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder But it keeps saying: The item 'boot' cannot be replaced because it is invsible.
  5. Ok have downloaded the CD, and used Gparted to set the osx partition flag to 'boot' (there was no active flag so i thought set to boot?) Now osx wil automatically boot up (no windows..) I installed the 8600 GT files, and followed the steps you said but now osx hangs (it just spins arround) i also tried booting with -v now.. how can i post the log?
  6. I just ran the installer, all went fine so i gues everything is ok. But what i don't understand is when i installed chameleon succesfull i should also be able to boot osx86 from bootloader isn't it ?
  7. ok then i go instal the kext. I already installed chameleon is that a problem because i just found out that's only for GUID. How do i uninstal it ? Your guide say's you need chameleon and EFI 9 for the 10.5.6 update, i can't use chameleon + EFI 9 so that means i can't instal/use the 10.5.6 update?
  8. I've succefull installed Vista + OSx by boot-132 (3 partities op dezelfde schijf: 1 Vista 50 GB, 2 Data Windows 150 GB, 3 OSx 100GB) I've edited the retail OSx so i could instal MRB, otherwise i can't dualboot. My problem is Windows Vista starts automatically, i am not able to choose between OSx and Vista (so i don't see the darwin bootloader) But i can launch OSx by using my boot-132 cd. I gues i have to instal a bootloader, how? I tought i could make i work by installing chameleon, so i did but i still don't see a boot menu? What is wrong? I use a M1530, 350GB(7200), WUXGA, 8600GT, Dell Wireless Card. PS. Other problems i have: Trackpad is not working (need to use usb) Display Drivers not working: i've downloaded the kext a few posts ago can i just instal with kext helper? Sound: i have the kext can i just instal by kext helper? i used the boot-132 cd from wingrunr21
  9. is it possible to add an other language to iatkos v5 instead of english only? i installed iatkos v5i (reinstal no problem) but only english is supported. i can import dutch language from i deneb or retail osx? Does anyone know how? Because i tried the guide from wingrunr21 (boot 132) but this is written for GUID and not for MBR, i need mbr because i also need vista
  10. is it possible to add an other language to iatkos v5 instead of english only? i installed iatkos v5i (reinstal no problem) but only english is supported. i can import dutch language from i deneb or retail osx?
  11. I want to instal iAtkos 5i but wen installed OSx just won't start (it shows the locked (/) symbol) so please can anyone tell me how i get iAtkos 5i working on my M1530 I know it must work, iDeneb worked perfectly i only just want to be sure my osx get's no problem with updates. This is wat i selected by instal: [x] iATKOS v5i Main System [x] Bootloader -> [x] PC EFI V9 (i do not have bought a efi usb stick or something is this nessesary?) -> [ ] Chameleon [x] X86 Patches -> [x] Decryters --->[x] AppleDecrypt --->[ ] dsmos -> [x] SMBIOS --->[x] SMBIOS Enablers ------> [ ] SMBIOS EFI (also tried this one 2nd time instead of the other) ------> [x] SMBIOS EFI AIR ------> [ ] SMBIOS Resolver ------> [ ] SMBIOS Enabler --->[ ] SMBIOS X86 -> [ ] Kernel ---> [ ] 9.5.0 Kernel voodoo ---> [ ] 9.5.0 Kernel fassl ---> [ ] 9.2.0 Kernel ToH -> [ ] ACPI ---> [ ]Stock ACPI Modified ---> [ ] X86 ACPI ---> [ ] ACPIC driver -> [x] Disabler.kext -> [ ] Remove PowerManagement.kext -> [ ] PS/2 (i use bluetooth so don't need this) -> [x] OHR (maybe will it fix the shutdown, i hope, but i already know it wont) -> [ ] Remove Thermal kext [x] Drivers -> [x] VGA ---> [ ] Graphics Update ---> [ ] Natit Universal ---> [x] nVidia ------> [ ] NV kush ------> [ ] Natit ------> [ ] Titan ------> [ ] NVinject (also tried this one 2nd time instead of the other) ------> [ ] nVidia Laptop ------> [ ] Remove NVDAResman,kext ------> [x] EFI Strings for nVidia --> [x] 8600 GT 256mb ---> [ ] ATI ---> [ ] Intel ---> [ ] AGPGart -> [x] System ---> [ ] SATA/IDE ------> [ ] Intel SATA ------> [ ] Intel AHCI SATA ------> [ ] JMicron ------> [ ] nForce SATA ------> [ ] VIAATA ---> [ ] Speedstep ---> [x] Laptop Battery ---> [ ] ext2fs ---> [ ] NTFS-3G -> [ ] Network
  12. I've downloaded iAtkos v4i ,and i have a dell m1530 with 8600GT How or what do i need to instal to get the 8600GT working?
  13. RVE_NL

    XPS M1530 (help)

    Sorry voor de late reactie... ik had de hoop al bijna opgegeven bijna geen mensen actief hier (misschien kunnen we elkaar helpen via msn?). Ten eerste ik heb de iAktos geprobeert, deze werkte goed, qlleen ik kwam er niet uit hoe ik de video kaart drivers moest instaleren. 1920x1200 is voor mij echt de ideale resolutie, het is klein maar zeer scherp, ik persoonlijk zou niet meer anders willen. en zou je het te klein vinden dan kan je in internet explorer op 120 procent kunnen zetten. En over die dell kaart heeft me niets extra's gekocht en werkt perfect. mocht je nog vragen hebben laat het maar horen.
  14. RVE_NL

    Distribution M1530

    Hello i bought i new Dell XPS M1530 i changed the config a bit: XPS M1530 CORE 2 DUO T9300 2.50GHz,800,6M 15.4" Widescreen WUXGA (1920x1200) TFT Display with TrueLife Fingerprint Reader Biometric with BLACK accent backcover black & 2.0mp camera 4GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2x2048) Hard Drive 250GB Free Fall Sensor (7200rpm) Blu Ray Slim Slot-Load Drive, including SW XPS Primary 9-cell 85WHr Li-Ion Graphics Card 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600M GT Dell TrueMobile 355 internal Bluetooth Module Dell Wireless 1505 Wireless-N Mini-PCI Card EUR <-- special dell card should work better with OSx86 which distribution will be the best for my laptop? and why... I am totally new with i OSx86 so i hope someone can help me? ps: I would run a Vista 64bit multiboot