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  1. I have a problem and can't find where to fix it, i have a 75hz monitor but the graphics card can't display 75hz, in setting i set it to 75hz and now i have no screen anymore. I booted without the nividia k2000 drivers, then i have screen, but where to undo that setting, i can't find it.
  2. Great Work, just finished installing, everyhing working ok.
  3. Yup, that was the problem, with Sierra it boots fine into the installer, but don't see my harddisk where to install it to.
  4. I wan't to, but i will first download Sierra and then test of that goes, i will post that later.
  5. i found the problem, was my own mistake. But now it's not working, i did everything in the guide, the install starts, get code for 10 seconds and then the machine reboots. I have a Z820 with 2 x E5-2670 V2 in it, 32 GB and a Quadro 2000 videocard. BTW i used High Sierra and put all the files in the 10.13 folder instead of the 10.12 folder.
  6. I also tried that, the USB 3 ports also, no luck
  7. Great Guide, thanx for that. I only have 1 problem with my Z820. I setup the bios but i don't get the uefi usb boot drive. What can be the problem.