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  1. I've noticed a slow down on my machine, after doing the modification.
  2. Aiport Extreme G Issue - 9A528D

    I'm not sure, but I think I figured it out. It seems to have a problem connecting properly with any kind of protected access point. I'm using a Linksys WRT54G with dd-wrt.
  3. Decided to install on my PowerBook G4 FW800. Airport card can connect to access point, but always ends up with a self-assigned IP. Tried giving a IP address manually, but still a no go. Is this an issue that leopard has? Looked all over the forum but seems like I'm the only person with this issue.
  4. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    A little more detail might be helpful. Perhaps a log of some sort?
  5. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    to change the disk/slice for the Media folder, all you have to do is overwrite disk0s4 with disk0s1. There is two spot around same area that says disk0s4. You should not endup with disk0s4.disk0s1, just plain disk0s1
  6. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    You don't need to install the whole os from appleTV you can install the regular OSX and move certain files to make it work on a genuine mac hardware. Infact that's how most people's been running it. Tutorials should be easy to find in this forum.
  7. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    Fixed. Just modify the resolution.txt in the Closer app to your right resolution and it should fix it.
  8. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    K, got it to work. as it turned out I got careless and entered the wrong device id for the disk I wanted to use. Anyway, one issue I'm having is when exiting "Frontrow 2.0" my mouse cursor get's garbled, and I have to either change the resolution or re-login/restart to fix it. Otherwise my iTunes from my PowerBook sees it... all aprox. 200 GB space I assigned to it. Weird thing is though, for some reason I must have broke my prior Frontrow installation since the menu item in the Mouse&Keyboard section does't show up and apple+esc doesn't do anything anymore. I did try putting the old Frontrow.app back see if it will fix it but no luck. Do you think it's my Frontrowpass.kext? Can't control it yet though. How's the progress on the IR emulation? What channel can I find you all in the IRC?
  9. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    OK. I'm stuck. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't even get to the intro movie. Changed the media path, have all the framework. and patched Finer.app... Is therea specific requirements for video card?
  10. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    Seems that I can't get the patch Finder.app to even to anything yet. Still crashes. Anybody got it to work with their hackintosh so far?
  11. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    Thanks for the info. That makes sense now.
  12. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    now if only otx would stop crashing on me....
  13. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    Won't work. Apple TV only has SSE2 and a full OSX requires SSE3 for certain component. The appleTV OS is a special version of 10.4.7 that runs on SSE2. EDIT: Ok, I guess it's not impossible but, that not what where trying to do on this thread.
  14. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    I'm pretty sure that WatchDog will be no significance trying to get this working on the full OS. Ofcourse this is just and assumption. But I'm digging the further to figure out anything how this hardware check is working. My impression so far, and this has no solid proof but "Finder.app" seems to be a modified or even actually FrontRow 2.0. So in theory it must be performing something similar to what the "FrontRowPass.kext" is bypassing. Except it seems that it check it at EFI level. Injection might be the answer?
  15. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    Disable Launch? checking if having watchdog(patched) makes any difference. kernel extension AppleTCOWatchdog.kext/ has problems: Missing dependencies: { "com.apple.kpi.unsupported" = "A valid compatible version of this dependency cannot be found" }