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    PeterHaas got a reaction from HUSABER in How to extract and compile DSDT.aml with DSDT Editor   
    DSDT Editor provides additional, and very much needed, functionality over DSDTSE (Simple Editor), although I generally continue to use DSDTSE in preference to DSDT Editor.
    DSDTSE will not, or cannot, detect instances where an assignment is being made from a wide variable or value (e.g., 64 or 32 or 16 bits) to a less wide variable (e.g., 32 or 16 bits or 8 bits). DSDT Editor can, and does.
    My strong preference is to use DSDTSE for all or almost all development, until I get a clean and working DSDT, and then pass it, or rather "wash it", through DSDT Editor to catch any lingering errors, such as the assignment statement errors.
    But, DSDT Editor can also catch and eliminate other errors, through use of the "Fix Errors" option of the error dialog of the compile option.
    Both tools are useful to me, and I have come to depend upon DSDTSE for its rather simple interface, and also on DSDT Editor for its superior error detection and its optional correction.
    This is especially helpful in a very complicated DSDT modification, such as porting Mieze's USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 compatibility mods from her MSI B75MA-P45 implementation (four slot) to another MSI or, especially, a non-MSI motherboard.
    Using both DSDTSE and DSDT Editor, I have successfully ported her mods to MSI B75A-G43 (seven slot) and ASRock H77M (four slot) motherboards.