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  1. I did use your Clover folder (replaced the Clover folder with yours) to do the install, but the install never completed (it hangs at the Apple logo) so I can't copy the post-install files to the SSD.
  2. No joy. ? After following the steps from your link, I got to the "Boot into System" step, and it froze again at the Apple logo - the debug screen looks exactly like the previous screen shot I took. Not sure what's going on or what I'm doing wrong here? I didn't not make any changes to the Clover options, I took the default then attempted to boot from the SSD. One I did find a bit weird... When I previously went to reformat the drive, APFS were the only options available to me, so that's how the drive is currently formatted.
  3. So I had a almost perfect Hackintosh High Sierra setup. When I say almost perfect, I'd get a reboot about 4 seconds after I shut down. I also was having some intermittent issues with the system seeing some USB ports. So I mounted EFI and made 2 changes to config.plist. 1) Checked the FixShutdown box, and 2) checked the FixUSB box. I think my issue was with checking the FixUSB box. So after making those changes, I rebooted and the system was stuck at the Apple logo. I have since tried to reinstall High Sierra, and also tried to restore from a Time Machine backup - the reinstall always hangs at the Apple logo, same with the backup restore. I've attached a pic of the debug screen where the system hangs. I'm at a loss on what to do, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Rambler358

    Not able to see the display's refresh rate

    So does anyone else have the same display settings screen as mine? Can anyone comment as to why the refresh rate is not showing? Is it maybe because of the monitor, or the Mac ID I selected?
  5. Hello all, first post here. I've successfully installed High Sierra on a dual-boot PC, and specs are in my sig line. I have a LG 43UD79-B 4K monitor and I'm using the Nvidia web drivers. This is the first time I'm not able to see the monitor's refresh rate (see attached pic). I had a 27" iMac and currently have a Macbook - so I know what the display settings should look like. Does anyone else have their display settings look like this? On maybe a related note, there seems to be a good amount of lag in opening Launchpad and launching apps. Is this related to the Nvidia web drivers? Any help or info much appreciated!