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  1. Mac OSX Coder

    Previously Working, Accidently Deleted

    Edit: Working on it now! Which 10.4.8? Im running AMD Tubgirl, won't mind to seed if you need... hey that rhymes!
  2. Hi, I had my AppleAC97Audio.kext working previously, but I accidently deleted it and now I can't seem it get it back working... How Do I get the file from the install disc or restore it? If it makes any difference, mines is a ALC850, Vendor ID: 10DE, and Device ID: 0059 - Thanks!
  3. Mac OSX Coder


    For USB, Once booted, pull it out and plug it in again. Go to Bios and check your Intergrated Peripherals.
  4. Mac OSX Coder

    Realtek AC'97 ALC850 Kext

    Hi Could somebody please send me an AC'97 kext? I accidently deleted mines... and now no sound It's ALC850 btw. Vendor ID: 10DE Device ID: 0059 Also it's from the TubGirls' AMD DVD, with PPF2
  5. who cares! Christmas is christmas! Merry Christmas!
  6. Mac OSX Coder

    New Jas DVD can't find keyboard

    did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in also go into bios, select peripherals, and turn off USB Mouse/Keyboard Support (disable)
  7. Mac OSX Coder


    congrats! I just my computer working too! OSX 10.4.8, QE/CL, Semthex beta9, life's great.
  8. Mac OSX Coder

    QE & CI, HOW? Please.

    it would help if you have your type of video cards, ie your model #, Ask nicely, don't imply like straight up answers.
  9. Mac OSX Coder

    Titan Help Please

    weird... i don't see them.
  10. Mac OSX Coder

    Titan Help Please

    where can i find the NVDAResman.kext and NVDANV40Hal.kext?
  11. Mac OSX Coder

    Change bootscreen

    yea add to boot.plist : <key>Boot Graphics</key> <string>Yes</string>
  12. Mac OSX Coder

    Speed up your hackintosh

    what do you mean "speed up"
  13. Mac OSX Coder

    USB -> Unplug, then Replug to work. WTF?

    Same thing for me, after a while, it just worked normally (couple of shutdowns, powerons etc). Dunno why.
  14. Mac OSX Coder

    Restart to Shutdown

    My "restart" function causes the computer to shut down. Not a big deal but anybody have any ideas?
  15. Mac OSX Coder

    Refusal to boot

    Alright i found out there was a EFI system on it (from mac i presume) but i can't delete it. ANy ideas.