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  1. hi I also have Dell T3500,would you please tell me which distro you used and what how? please give me some advise, thanks in advance, m_morakot@yahoo.com
  2. Not doing anything.only download from Insanely forum.Natit Dual 0.2 for QuadroFX540 ,soundblaster Live Value,4 Gb.memory.Only miss one thing about to make onboaed SATA Raid to work. sorry for my poor English.
  3. dare_u_all

    Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Try Dunes Ioata.kext chech which ICH_no. of your motherboard ; ICH4 or 5 or6 and add your id in it.
  4. dare_u_all

    Xeon System problems

    all worked great for me
  5. All worked great for me
  6. dare_u_all

    Decklink Blackmagic install

    work absolutely perfect with my Decklink Sp with Sony BetaSP1800 and finalCut Studio2.
  7. dare_u_all

    About this Mac

    glad to see my old xeon 3.2 on intel board se7525gp2 thank yoe very much
  8. work great for me,thank u so much.