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  1. I have succeeded using plateform 0x19120000 and the patch 4 display : found on a topic on tonymacx86 (patch was created by toleda). I hope this patch will continue to work under mojave So problem solved Thanks for your help.
  2. There was some artefact at boot without intelgraphicsfixup and 2nd screen was not working. I will re-try without it. I saw that there is a new kext for graphics (wathevergreen) I will test it too and also try from scratch with imac 17.1 definition.
  3. Here what i have (not sure how to find version of AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer) I've attached it. I use Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext on /L/E maybe these kext made the modification? AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer.kext.zip
  4. I also have 3 DSDT patch : one for cpu power management (from pikeralpha) one that RehabMan made to have nvme shown as internal storage and the last one to use with usbinjectall. On the attachment you can find origin folder from clover boot, and the 2 files from IOReg. origin.zip
  5. i'm not applying a patched framebuffer, but some patch using clover : GFX to IGPU etc... (i attached the EFI folder). Maybe using a smbios of a macmini should work better? CLOVER.zip
  6. Thanks for your reply. I use layout 0x19120000 the others make kernel panic and reboot And with imac 17.1 i can only have one screen, with imac 16.1 two screens. With layout 0x19120000, on ioreg i got 3 port : port 0, port 5 and port 6. I don't have port 7, so maybe the issue is here?
  7. Hello, I try to use triple screens on a tiny Lenovo 900 with 3 DisplayPort (CPU is i7-6700T with integrated HD-530) I use lilu + intelgraphicsfixup One screen is connected by DP, another by DP to DVI adapter and the last one should be DP to DVI adapter too. So far i can boot with one screen, when boot is finish i can plug another screen and its good. If i try to connect the last screen the 3 screens goes black and i have to restart. If I use the ig-plateform-id 193B0005 when i plug the last screen it's stay black but i can still have the 2 others screens working. I saw with ioreg that this plateform add another appleintelframebuffer but that's all, when i connect the last screen i can't saw information about display. I'm using smbios imac 16.1 if i use smbios imac 17.1 i can only use one screen. Thanks for your kind help.
  8. Hello, sorry for the late answer. So far I was using a modified kext to have nvme showing as internal. Now, I use the ssdt you provide and it's working fine One of my mistake was from the reversed byte, I wasn't using a proper one. How do you do reverse it? Another questions, what is the purpose of class-code? I'm using another ssdt about CPU power management and it's also using DSM, can it causes a problem? Many thanks for your help to resolve this issue !
  9. Hello All, I've got a Lenovo m910q with nvme SSD which is seen as external on osx 10.13. I know that this is just a cosmetic issue, so i'm trying to make a ssdt to correct it, but i can't find a correct acpi path. I've attached what I saw on ioregistry explorer and under Windows. Many thanks for your help.