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  1. Snow Leopard on Asus P6T?

    neonized, i can only boot into single user mode and any operation takes at least one minute installed from Leopard, with Chameleon, DSDT, PC EFI, all required kexts etc same result on any kexts variation - system hang at boot with errors: AppleAHCIDiskQueueManager::setPowerState(0x6f7e700 , 2 -> 1) timed out IOAHCIBlockStorageDriver: could not recover SATA HDD after 5 attempts, terminating however 10.5.8 works like a charm this seems to be related to AHCI drivers P6T has ICH10R, not ICH10 to prove this, i plugged hdd into external USB enclosure and it worked have Snow running on external drive however, i need to put hdd back into case, so digging further btw, some people on OCZ forums may swear that the only factor to make Snow hang, it is ... HEAT http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/sh...ad.php?p=406819 quaza, last week i tried all the kexts in your file with no luck system still hang at boot
  2. 10A432 Still waiting for root device

    ludacrisvp, i have same problem with SL 10A432 errors: serialATAPI device reconfiguration did not complete successfully Still waiting for root device AppleAhciDiskQueueManager::setPowerState ... timed out could you please advise how to fix applefilesystem driver? thanks a lot
  3. any luck with 10.6? can not avoid kernel panic yet...
  4. digital_dreamer, thanks for suggestion Chameleon fixed the issue hm, however another issue DDR2 667 instead of DDR3 1066 not sure i want to add SMBIOS to /Extra/Extensions ... also, sleep works just well but ... reboot works only before sleep
  5. AiBear, same here! also, system clocks hurrying up dramatically is busratio a valid flag for vanilla kernel? cause it does not solve clocks issue went back to Vodoo and now i have panic on DMG mounting, although i have 10.5.5 seatbelt on efi and 9.5.0 kernel
  6. mount partition by its LABEL

    thanks for reply not sure this work seems like 'mount by label' is not doable in OSX it is possible by device or uuid would be great if OSX store all volume names as devices somewhere in /dev
  7. hello, how would i mount a partition by its LABEL ? have this on /etc/fstab LABEL=BackupData /Backup/Data hfs rw,noauto 1 2 bash-3.2# mount /Backup/Data mount_hfs: No such file or directory same when mounting by LABEL bash-3.2# mount LABEL=BackupData mount_hfs: No such file or directory actually i'm emulating this with diskutil list | grep BackupData | awk '{ print $6 }' it returns diskXsY and i can mount it with `mount' or `diskutil mount' but this is just a dirty hack in FreeBSD i'm just adding this to fstab /dev/ufs/BackupData /Backup/Data ..... then simply mount /Backup/Data does just what it is expected to do thanks for any suggestions
  8. i have only 10.5.6 retail do not want to download from torrents my DVD is SATA slot 1 and HDD is SATA slot 2 trying another AHCI kext
  9. hm, even `mkdir' and `ls -l /Volumes' hangs up got errors like: disk0s2 I/O error uid 0 on /Library/Preferences: out of inodes HDD is ok just created 3 partitions using iDeneb install DVD then started boot132 retail install seems a bit strange, cause created partitions actually are mounted the troubles begins when i try to umount `ps -ax' shows `/sbin/umount disk0s2' it can not be terminated even with `kill -9' thought there are opened files nope `lsof' shows no files opened from /Volumes/OSX checking either logging daemon make it umountable nope it is not usable even with .fseventsd/no_log file on partition
  10. buhgock, same here unable to perform any HDD operation mount, unmount, newfs_hfs etc - just hang up hdd is an new WD Caviar SE16 tried with many variations of AHCI kexts, tried with and without seatbelt, nothing any suggestions very appreciable thanks
  11. sigh, my mobo's specs says it is an ALC1200 dump instead says it is an 888 marionez, please see it attached thank you card0.dump.txt
  12. marionez, any ideas please? dumped using slax here are Taruga's patcher output: AppleHDA Patcher - 2006/2007 by Taruga v1.20 * Patching AppleHDA.kext to 0x10ec0888 Done * Checking AppleHDA for patch Done 0001f4a0 cmpl $0x10ec0888,%eax 00020584 cmpl $0x10ec0888,%eax * Checking for SPDIF Out Detected * Checking for SPDIF In Not Detected * Using the following nodes in pathmap Back Mic: 9 34 24 Line In : 8 35 26 Speaker : 20 12 2 Headphone: 27 38 37 Spdif Out: 30 6 * Copying new config to destination Done * Repairing Permissions Done * Deleting Extensions Cache Done ** Done patching - You can reboot now ** moved AppleHDA from /S/L/E to EFI, fixed perms etc etc rebooted with -v -f System Profiler says: Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x10438357 Audio ID: 12 Available Devices: Thank You
  13. marionez, thank you will give it a try and post results
  14. Marionez, great work! Thank you. Still can not get it working on my EFI Partition. Backuped and removed AppleHDA.kext from /S/L/E. Placed your kexts into Extensions folder of my EFI partition, updated perms, created Extensions.mkext. After reboot, System Profiler shows Device ID, Audio ID and nil Available Devices. Any ideas? Mobo: Asus P6T(regular) ICH10R Chipset 10.5.6 Vanilla Install Thanks for your work.
  15. teapot360, mine is actually 0112, the oldest on the ASUS of-site i had read on Gigabyte w/ X58 thread that newer BIOS could be an issue if your mobo is P6T(ordinary), could you please PM me your 0102 ROM? thank you! guys, during install, do you get warnings like: ... Failed to count the number of files in "/System/Library/StartupItems" ... skiping personalities in blacklisted kext com.apple.driver.AppleHWSensor skiping personalities in blacklisted kext com.apple.Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X ... Matching service count = 1 Matching service count = 2 ... UUID of on-disk kernel(/mach_kernel) does not match running kernel also, when installing, the logs shows wrong time my BIOS date is Apr 10 2009, 03:00:00 installer logs shows Apr 11 2009, 08:00:00 is this common behavior? actually i'm trying to install 10.5.6 retail and can not pass by FREEZE ISSUE it is freezing about an minute after graphic installer started anybody got 10.5.6 retail working on P6T(ordinary)? otherwise, i have no 10.5.5 retail, but can try find an image does it make sense?