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  1. the files from the original guide are outdated. please see my file pack. as reported 10.6.3 is safe. I had been running the beta for a while xD The only problem would be audio if you did not download legacy pack from my blog. if you have not installed legacy yet it is recommended to. If you don't want to just download the applehda.kext from my pack and replace. How are the geekbench scores with my new pack? also remember jmicron fix is included. More then welcome to requests. help can be found #asus chat.osx86.hu (irc)
  2. did anyone make a HDEF in there DSDT for alc1200? if so would you mind sharing. thx
  3. I made a new blog post. I updated alot of the DSDT code and fixed the issues the users were having. plus added jimicron to dsdt. and more. see fleebailey33.org for my immediate updates.
  4. save imac g4 project

    So I am working on this project as well. Very much looking for the part number if possible on the ADboard as for now I would like to use the original moniter. Also why exactly did you need the extensions cables and have to remove the neck? sorry if i am a little confused on this part. my email is fleebailey33@gmail.com if you would be willing to help it would be so much appreacited!
  5. Asus P6T with core I7 920

    There are plenty go guides with the regular p6t, also check my site fleebailey33.org as i usually post updates and fixes for it. the ati you are gettng wont work....
  6. i posted a solution on my blog fleebailey33.org on how to solve this issue. including any future updates such as 10.6.3
  7. just want to update people i made a new blog post on fleebailey33.org it solves alc1200 sound issues for all snow leopard future updates.
  8. Well it really is 3 kexts if you count audio. with the recent mac pro audio update and 10.6.3 it hurts us a little bit. So I have a solution which i posted on my blog fleebailey33.org it is all explained there so just head thatway
  9. I wish we could get this like the alc889a that only needs a DSDT
  10. You must be doing something wrong. None of those kexts are needed AT ALL. Replace your Extra, With my extra from my site. Replace your boot file with mine as well. Run pfix google it, comes with the myhack installer. Then reboot
  11. thats normal. good. to everyone about geekbench scores. sorry it is making your e-{censored} seem small. use nullcpupowermanagement and run your cpu hot. speedstepping doesn't kick in fast enough to get good scores
  12. Hmmmm, And you have my dsdt / extra and boot file ? reboot and restart should work fine, maybe its some other program hanging. I wouldn't worry if it doesn't take 10 minutes. as far as ntfs can anyone else confirm?
  13. ok, i was doing some tests before i go to bed. I can confirm to remove the dropSSDT flag, sorry about that guys! It will be removed in a future update pack. Also for anyone who wants the new ATI compatiblity. please use this new boot file for us! (everyone else can switch too)boot.zip
  14. To everyone who is noticing lower scores. Its probably speedstep related. you should also notice your tempture being lower, it is indeed an issue if it is not coming out of speed step. also everyone please feel free to join irc. chat.osx86.hu i am usually in #snow leopard, And made a channel #asus just for us.