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  1. I managed to boot the installer and format the SSD through disk utility (APFS), set it to install then after the first reboot I select "boot macOS install from drive", it gets to the installation screen and then after a few minutes of no progress on the install, the laptop suddenly reboots. When clover boots again I have a third boot option "boot from recovery". I've been going around this but couldn't yet install the OS. I´ve tried: - boot from the Preboot also but the same problem occurs, - Boot from recovery - starts booting but reboots shortly after - Format the SSD to Mac-OS Journaled, get a bit more progress on the install but still crashes the same way. I'm now wondering what other options I could try, does anyone been through a similar scenario? Any ideas on how to get around it would be much appreciated. [My disk : Samsung P981 512gb]
  2. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the Hackintosh scene and I'm still finding my bearings on how to make it all work out. I've been doing some reading specially Rehabman & KNNSpeed guides and been learning a bunch of new things! I've ended up checking out this guide - Major kudos to Zsparrow0 for putting it together. I've been failing to get the installer to boot, I'm sure I'm missing something. I've followed the guide and I'm still stuck as acboop1000. I'm wondering if 10.13.3 is the cause (the guide mentions 10.13.2), how were you able to solve this? I've tried updating the kexts on the link you mentioned as well as updating apfs.efi but the installer boot still fails. Is this guide incompatible with 13.3 installations or is there any files I'm missing? Is there any place I could download 13.2 from? Unfortunately, I can only get the most recent update from the appstore. [DELL XPS 9560 - 4K - Samsung P981 512gb] Cheers and thanks for the amazing work. EDIT: Solved - Followed all the steps from scratch, this time with the 10.13.2 version, installer booted successfully.