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  1. Hey JBraddock, first of all thanks for sharing this guide with us! I have an HP HDX 16 and I want to try and install Lion on it. The problem I have is that I am a complete noob when it comes to Hackintosh (not with computers in general though) so I'm a bit lost with this guide. It looks like you are talking about patching or fixing things with an installation, but you don't talk about installing Lion itself... care to share some tips on how can do that in the first place and how do I apply your patches afterwards?? Thanks!!
  2. Hi! I have a Hackintosh with Leopard with an IDE DVD Burner LG GSA-H42, which it shows up in "About this Mac" -> Hardware -> Disc Burning. It even says that it can read and write anything, but when I try to do that either in Disc Utility or in Toast, it says that the "Device is busy" and I can't make it work. Any ideas? the motherboard is an Intel PR31G
  3. lothar_osx

    Is there a way to add custom resolutions?

    Ahh, that program worked great! Thanks! Too bad is not freeware. If anyone has any other methods I'd love to hear them. Cheers!
  4. lothar_osx

    ALC888 stopped working after updating to 10.5.3

    well, I went ahead and tried with the taruga patcher and it's working fine!
  5. lothar_osx

    Is there a way to add custom resolutions?

    anyone? Even if it is a negative answer it would be nice to know
  6. Hey! So, I was able to update my hackintosh to Leopard 10.5.3 and everything is working great (USB, Video, Lan) except the sound. It was working fine before with the drivers I installed from the DVD (leo4all v2), so I'm wondering what I could do to make it work again. I don't know if it is of any use, but I made a backup of the Extensions folder before the update. Cheers!
  7. lothar_osx

    Intel gma 3100

    Ups!! Perdon, tanto hablar de GMA3100 se me chispoteo, jejej Quise decir Nvidia 7100
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    Hey Eddie11c, thanks for all your hard work! I wanted to let you know that your leo4allv2 worked flawlessly "out of the box" with my Intel DG31PR mainboard, but when I tried your new release (leo4allv3) the USB ports didn't work. I also wanted to ask you if you plan an update to Leopard 10.5.3 for these releases like Kaliway did. Thanks again and cheers!
  9. Hey! I was able to install my GeForce 7100 with NVInstaller, but it's not recognizing some resolutions I had on windows. Is there a way to add custom resolutions? I tried doing a search, but I couldn't find it... Thanks!
  10. Just letting everyone know that I went with the card I described in my previous post and everything is working like a charm. Thanks guys! Zaap: let me know!
  11. lothar_osx

    Intel gma 3100

    Yo decidi cortar por lo sano y me compre una GeForce 3100 a 30 dolares. Funciona perfectamente con el NVInstaller.
  12. Zaap: I forgot to mention that I'm not in the states, so links to newegg are of no use to me as I can't buy from there I can't even find that model in the places I buy here. Other than video performance, it's working great at the moment. Even with the onboard video I'm able to watch videos. But it looks like VMWare Fusion doesn't work without CI/QE, and that's why I'm looking for a card. The only problem I'm having is connecting to other PC computers through the network, although the other computers can connect to the Hackintosh just fine. I couldn't figure that out yet... BlackCH: I found a MSI NX7100GS . I'm guessing it should be like the Asus you have. Btw (as I see you're using my same motherboard) Please read my answer to Zaap, are you having the same issue with the network? Cheers!
  13. Hey! I'm having my hackintosh almost 100% working. My only problem is that CI/QE is not working. I have an Intel DG31PR motherboard, and it seems that noone has made the onboard video work with CI/QE yet. So, I´m looking for the cheapest working PCI-e card because I´m not looking for big gaming experiences. I just need the acceleration to work and the ability to change video resolutions. So, which one would you recommend? Thanks!
  14. lothar_osx

    Intel gma 3100

    Pudiste encontrar la solucion a esto? Tengo el mismo mother y el mismo problema Gracias!
  15. lothar_osx

    Problemas quartz exteme intel dg31pr

    pudiste solucionarlo? Tengo la misma placa y el mismo problema. Tengo entendido que lo mejor seria comprar una placa externa, pero si se puede hacer andar la onboard seria buenisimo