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  1. @camillionario Thanks! I will give it a go and report back!
  2. @Herve I have been everywhere... with no luck! Someone mentioned Clover and this website, and therefore, I created an account and came here. I have tried Clover and no luck [probably needed configuring] -- at this point, I am even willing to create a dormant Mac partition if it will allow me to get Windows 7 going... As far as going to a Windows forum... I am already there : )
  3. @Herve Thank you SO MUCH for that! Makes sense now! I have spent two weeks of my life trying everything and going crazy. At least I now know that kabylake is not officially supported, that is why MBR/GPT; UEFI-NON-UEFI, FAT32/NTFS, blah, blah, blah... nothing worked! At least I got more comfortable with UEFI and learnt about CLOVER :-) So, the article mention that the patch is for RE-enabling Win 7 updates on Kaby... would the fact that it is unsupported actually prevent me from even installing Win 7 on Kaby. I think I might be doing something wrong with the installation to begin with. Possibly the check is done on boot and I get ACPI non-compliance and BCD errors. I could manage a simply shell script, but DLL files... how would I edit? Notepad++... AND probably Task Scheduler could be used to run the script/install the update periodically. Hmm...
  4. @keygenwiz I don't have mac... except a sierra? ISO that I could spin in virtualbox... to get bootcamp to create a USB. Would Rufus do? @allan I have done this including lots of drivers slipstreamed into Win 7 ISO... no luck. *** *** *** I have been struggling with this for over 2 weeks now. Question: My system came with POPOS (ubuntu-based linux distro) installed by default in UEFI mode. I just found out that even though I used gparted to format AND change partition type (MBR to GPT and vice versa), that there still is an ubuntu shim file at the end of the M2. I know this because, I installed windows 10 in UEFI mode, then while installed clover using easyUEFI, I saw an UBUNTU-named shim file at the end. This shim file is hidden and possibly is the source of my problem. Do I get rid of it and if so, how? I simply want to be able to install windows 7, I don't care, either in UEFI or non-UEFI mode. EDIT: Pic at: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/attachments/untitled-jpg.44441/
  5. Hello! I am struggling to install Windows 7 64 bit on a new computer. The storage is M2 and it has 8 GB RAM. The system is assembled by a company and not much information about the mobo is available. I simply want to install windows 7, preferably only... but I could leave an untouched Mac version on a partition if needed. Is this something Clover will be able to help me do? I have read many guides but a lot of them talk about dual-booting with macOS. Thanks!