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  1. MSI z370-A Pro

    Hi anyone with ideas if I am doing this right under windows 10 with transmac.
  2. MSI z370-A Pro

    Thks so i burn .dmg to usb then copy contents of clover 4411 ,then copy your install folder to usb also.Hopr I have that right .Thks
  3. MSI z370-A Pro

    ok Thks still lost but I'll hopefully get there.
  4. Hi I have a MSI Z370-A Pro mobo with a i3-8100 cpu with all proper bios settings.I installed dmg to usbkey for installing.When booting up I get to clover menu and click to install High Sierra all I get is a apple then a circle with a line through it.Am I missing files tt on key and or settings in clover menu?Thks
  5. i got it working now all i need is to fix lion with its auto reboots at bootup. ?
  6. Ok so I did install chameleon with the lion and the leopard setup ,why is it not working.? Thks
  7. i am using bcd for multiple boot i get only 2 options ,when i hit lion option it automatically boots system with no option to add anything in verbose mode. Thks
  8. I am not getting that option at boot , I am getting either boot into windows or lion so where do i go check in osx to fix this ? thks
  9. I got lion to install but i get the kernel panic after reboot ,I would like to put in a -v or something else but i can't seem to get it in the mode to write anything ,how do i do that ? Thks
  10. iAtkos L1 is Out

    I tried this distro on my gigabyte ep45 ud3l board, it installs fine but after rebooting i get the circle with line through it ,any ideas why ,maybe i need to select something else in options? I have a 7300gt nvidia card.
  11. I have 10.6.7 running fine and did the 10.6.8 update combo update from apple site and got a kernel panic I restored from backup but anyone with same problems? Thks
  12. Thks I don't see it there about anything 64. Any fixes.Thks
  13. Ok stupid question how can I tell if the osx86 version is 64 or 32 ,my processor can run 64bit software that is what my windows 7 is.Thks
  14. wow still trying to figure this out ,and finding out exactly what I need to do this any help appreciated Thks
  15. Hi I got the nvidia installer by punk v2 which gave me more resolutions but still no hard ware support ,any ideas