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  1. nvidia 7150m/mcp67m

    i wished that someone could fix this problem
  2. nvidia 7150m/mcp67m

    any hope on this graphics driver?
  3. nvidia 7150m/mcp67m

  4. nvidia 7150m/mcp67m

    has anyone tested this?
  5. how can i delete the nvdanv40hal.kext, nvdaresman.kext and geforce.kext? or do i have to install it again?
  6. i finally installed mac! however i have some problems... problems i am having the audio, graphics, and frames displayed on the laptop when i load like safari and surf a web when i start scrolling it reproduces the same image so the text is over each other is there a solution for this?
  7. i basically copied what pimpinmonkey247 did two pages ago
  8. i tried many distro like kalyway,ipc x86, ideneb, iatkos, and leo4all none seems to see my hard drive or it stops in the middle of darwin boot. i was only able to get to the installer with xxx_10.5.6 with modifcation of the extension. Can Someone help me through the install i'm having trouble... i can see the hard drive and i erased it, but i don't know what to choose to install and for voodoo kernal do i just choose one? My specs -Hp dv6500- AMD turion x2 64 7150m graphics 160gb hard drive 4gb ram
  9. Thanks ill try it later i finally got it working its about time wow! thanks so much for your support. Ill get all the other little things working but i wouldnt have gotten it even installed. If it wasnt for your distro and all your hard work and support with issues thanks alot and keep up the good work which extension did u use? a, b, or c?
  10. Kalyway 10.5.2 Doesn't Find HDD

    can't really help u when u only give the cpu...
  11. Kalyway 10.5.2 Doesn't Find HDD

    what are ur specs
  12. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    i have the same probelm as bradl i get these horizontal lines when i try to erase and format my drive into mac osx journal extended
  13. Need help Installing on Hp

    mainecrab first of all don't spam on my topic, also don't talk like you know me. I've been searching and researching for like a week now 24/7, and don't come in here and bull {censored} about u having the same laptop because u don't.
  14. HP dv6000 series' topic

    ya i have some problems too... i have a dv6607nr and kalyway, ideneb, and iaktos doesn't recongize my hard drive, but leo4all did but it gave me horizontal lines when i tried to erase my fat32 and format it into mac osx journal extended
  15. Need help Installing on Hp

    leo4all didn't work... i get to the hard drive and when i want to erase it and partition as mac osx journal it goes to these striped lines. what does that mean?