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  1. That's my problem, because the DHCP-Server in our students-hostel sets a router/gateway, but this gateway isn't the correct one. So, I need to overwrite this setting, because it's absolutely necessary to obtain the IP address from the DHCP server. Thank you Timo
  2. Hi, I have to use DHCP because of administrator limitations. To have internet access I must route all trafic to my gateway. The problem is, that I can't modify router settings at the network-settings-menu, when DHCP is activated. At the moment I use the route command from a terminal, what works. But, there must be a mac-gui-style-way. ;-) Any ideas? Thank you Timo timomeinen@googlemail.de
  3. Hey all, I installed OS X within VMWare to a physical drive and in VMWare OS X boots successfully. But when I try to boot OS X from the disk nativley it hangs up after the grey boot screen with the circle. Starting in verbose mode shows a lot of lines disk0s1: I/O error Unfortunately, the "I/O error"-messages appears so fast, that I can't read the toplevel-error message. I only get pages full of disk0s1: I/O error. BTW: Is there a possibility to pause the verbose messages? Any ideas, what my error could be? I am wondering why it works in VMWare. Thank you Timo timomeinen@googlemail.de