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  1. Dual boot is not problem at all. In this time when ssd disks cost is not to hi make one system on one disk. First disk is with clover and os x and everything working fine. I have 3 systems. OS X 10.12.6, Win 10, and Ubuntu 16.04. I have only problem with Ubuntu, because OS X destroy this system twice. So i hide disk with this system in clover and i'm very happy now :-) I'm downloading 10.13, and try to update on system copy disk. We see ;-)
  2. Hello, after security update to Sierra 10.12.4 (16E195) broke my network connections. System not see any ethernet adapters. Anybody knows something about it? System seeng card, but kext not working. Realtek 8168/8101E Gigabit Ethernet: Name: ethernet Type: Ethernet Driver Installed: No MSI: No Bus: PCI Slot: Ethernet Vendor ID: 0x10ec Device ID: 0x8168 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1458 Subsystem ID: 0xe000 Revision ID: 0x0003 Link Width: x1 Link Speed: 2.5 GT/s This is strange, but i fix it manually install realtek kext to SLE.
  3. @foraging_ferret i have the some configuration as You. Could You please attach Yours kexts and dsdt? Now i have problem with sleep. Computer is going to sleep and hanging. @jdizzle, update BIOS to F13
  4. I Love this mobo. Yesterday i'm upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan. Today to Sierra. Simply update from Appstore. Without any combinations. Everything working fine for Me. Only one thing, realtekALC.kext i must patched again by Toleda method. EDIT: Buuuu sleep wont working. Any ideas?
  5. Hi Guys, i have problem, last days. My disk is nonstop working, and i have this messages in console: 22/03/15 02:32:58,931 watchdogd[3170]: [watchdog_daemon] @( wd_watchdog_open) - IOIteratorNext failed (kr=0) 22/03/15 02:32:58,931 watchdogd[3170]: [watchdog_daemon] @( wd_daemon_init) - could not initialize the hardware watchdog 22/03/15 02:32:58,931 watchdogd[3170]: [watchdog_daemon] @( main) - cannot initialize the watchdog service 22/03/15 02:32:58,931 com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: (com.apple.watchdogd) Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds. Worst is, computer is hanging, time to time.
  6. Hi. I have little problem with Mavericks. I'm install clean install (from appstore made by hackinstaller script on usb) on fresh partition. Then import programs and settings from 8.5 system. Now system working, BUT! system don't remember password and settings of many programs. I must write passwords and setting programs after restart. I have problem with login to Apple Store "An unknown error has occurred". please help! ;-)
  7. @VirusX, can You may attach yours DSDT please? How quick and easy inject sound card to dsdt? I try @jc84 method and bm2 steel sound not working. What is wrong? sorry for my english ;-) 21.09.2013 03:04:03,000 kernel[0]: HDAEnabler: Copyright (c) 2008 by Kabyl21.09.2013 03:04:03,000 kernel[0]: HDAEnabler: 05/05/2008 Added SP-Audio support by Taruga 21.09.2013 03:04:03,000 kernel[0]: Refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily, v3.0: a loaded copy with a different executable UUID is already present. 21.09.2013 03:04:03,000 kernel[0]: HDAEnabler: 03/07/2009 Compiled for 32/64-bit by Taruga 21.09.2013 03:04:03,000 kernel[0]: Sound assertion in AppleHDAController at line 1130 21.09.2013 03:04:03,314 com.apple.kextd[12]: Kext id com.apple.kernel.iokit not found; removing personalities from kernel. 21.09.2013 03:04:03,000 kernel[0]: NVDAStartup: Official 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: kxld[com.apple.driver.DspFuncLib]: The following symbols were defined more than once: 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: kxld[com.apple.driver.DspFuncLib]: _sqrtf: 0xffffff7f80e65ab0 - 0xffffff7f80dc1d3b 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: Can't load kext com.apple.driver.DspFuncLib - link failed. 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: Failed to load executable for kext com.apple.driver.DspFuncLib. 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: Kext com.apple.driver.DspFuncLib failed to load (0xdc008016). 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: Dependency com.apple.driver.DspFuncLib of kext com.apple.driver.AppleHDA failed to load. 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: Kext com.apple.driver.AppleHDA failed to load (0xdc008015). 21.09.2013 03:04:08,000 kernel[0]: Failed to load kext com.apple.driver.AppleHDA (error 0xdc008015).
  8. Hello! Thanks for kexts @Mr.Graphic! I now, it's good motherboard, but my polish Aristo i375 notebook on this motherboard is {censored} :-) Now Is better. I have working keyborad, and battery indicator working. But sound card not working, sleep not working. Touchpad not working. May You send me your DSDT file too? Thanks a lot! regards MAX
  9. Thanks Guys. i try new dsdt, and native powermanagment. Steel no audio, i use HDAenabler.No batery. I'm trying ps2 controller from 3.14r2 links, but not working too. This laptop is {censored} :-) Steel fighting, but got little headache now :-)
  10. Thanks for answer. I attach my DSDT file now. Just i wrote first, i drop this dsdt on linux ;-) I looking for an appleps2.kext but i lost it? Can someone may send me this ps2 driver for 10.8.3 lion? Patched alc888 and battery kext too, or please help me fix my DSDT. I'll by very happy for this :-)
  11. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    Hi Guys i install Lion 10.8.3 on this machine. System working without panic. I make own DSDT on linux, compile it, but not make any fix. Not working keyboard and touchpad. Can anyone send me proper ps2 cotroller, and dsdt for alc888 working please, please, please! :-)
  12. Hi Guys, i have working OS X 8.3. Not working keyboard, touch pad, sound kard, camera, WiFi and battery is not recognized. Teh most important is keyboard and touch pad. Can you help me with my dsdt, or special kext for this machine? I make my DSDT on linux with hackintosh-hardware-analyser-1.0.9.sh from this forum http://www.projectos...?showtopic=1341 This is LOG MSI MS-1719x (reporting by hackintosh-hardware-analyser-1.0.9.sh) Bios vers: 080014_ 03/11/2008 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7700 @ 2.40GHz 2400 MHz CPU-model 15 ===================================================== Bus info Device Class Description pci@0000:08:00.0 display G84M [GeForce 8600M GT] [10DE:0407] pci@0000:01:04.3 storage Integrated MS/xD Controller [1217:7130] pci@0000:00:1f.1 scsi0 storage 82801HM/HEM (ICH8M/ICH8M-E) IDE Controller [8086:2850] pci@0000:00:1f.2 scsi2 storage 82801HM/HEM (ICH8M/ICH8M-E) SATA Controller [AHCI mode] [8086:2829] usb@1:1 scsi5 storage pci@0000:00:1b.0 multimedia 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:284B] pci@0000:06:00.0 wlan0 network PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection [8086:4229] pci@0000:07:00.0 eth0 network RTL8111/8168 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller [10EC:8168] pci@0000:00:1a.0 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #4 [8086:2834] pci@0000:00:1a.1 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #5 [8086:2835] pci@0000:00:1a.7 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller #2 [8086:283A] pci@0000:00:1d.0 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #1 [8086:2830] pci@0000:00:1d.1 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #2 [8086:2831] pci@0000:00:1d.2 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #3 [8086:2832] pci@0000:00:1d.7 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller #1 [8086:2836] pci@0000:01:04.0 bus Firewire (IEEE 1394) [1217:00F7] pci@0000:00:1f.3 bus 82801H (ICH8 Family) SMBus Controller [8086:283E] ===================================================== /proc/asound/oss/sndstat:0: ALC888 Analog (DUPLEX) /proc/asound/oss/sndstat:0: Realtek ALC888 ==================================================== Model: ATA TOSHIBA MK2546GS (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 250GB Partition Table: msdos Number Start End Size Type File system Flags 2 32.3kB 96.4GB 96.4GB primary ntfs boot 3 96.4GB 250GB 154GB extended lba 5 96.4GB 118GB 22.0GB logical ntfs 6 118GB 250GB 132GB logical ntfs ===================================================== Socket Designation: DIMM0 Installed Size: 2048 MB (Double-bank Connection) Socket Designation: DIMM2 Installed Size: 2048 MB (Double-bank Connection) ===================================================== I attach DSDT. Thanks a lot for help! Sorry for my english. I'm too old to learn languages :-) MS_1719x-080014_-dsdt.aml.zip
  13. Hello. Mayby i'v got similiar problem. My notebook is ARISTO vision 735i: intel core 2 duo t540, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GO 8600 GT, intel chipset. My installation is not start. Darwin loading drivers, and stop on text - Kernel version: Darvin kernel 9.2.0 etc.... i test option -s and cannot find: "Removevideo" just say Kalyway and "movevideodrivers". please help me sorry for my english MAX