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  1. OK, thank you! I try to find this card in Russia, but it seems we don't have them.
  2. I have no idea. I send them (DEXP company, PC E support) the letter few days ago, but they don't answer to me. It works in Windows 10 without problem, but in Mac OS X - no. I need more USB ports for connecting few hardware synths and my MOTU USB card.Now I can use only USB ports on the motherboard. But it's not enough. P.S. I love Rio, I\ve been there in 2013 and I flew on the deltaplan as on your photo, by the way. So, every day when I work on my computer I look at my photo with tropical clouds in Rio and rememebr your amazing city which wasn't dangerous for my and my wife . I rememeber about the beer!
  3. PCI card still doesn't work... Maybe I should do something in Preferences. Thank you. Maybe I should install PC E USB card in a different slot? Send me Niks-iMac.zip
  4. Hi. After I added DSDT (G gaming) I can't boot my Hackintosh. 1. I have ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING. Do you have DSDT for this motherboard? 2. And have a PCI-E x1 card https://dexp.club/product/2612ba949dc83330/?alias=kontroller-dexp-wt-pu3 and it doesn't work.How can I make it work? Thank you. I used this guide for Hackintosh. Everything was fine untill I addded DSDT file to Patched folder. I did it because I wanted to make my PCI card work. I ll be glad any help. Thank you.
  5. Hi all. Shoild I buy Intel Core i7-7800X or it's better to buy 7700k? Actually, now I have 4930k and I work in Logic Pro X.
  6. Parkol

    nVidia GTX 780 AGPM patch in Yosemite 10.10

    I've already installed the Nvidia driver and Cuda can I fix it to make more fps (now I have only 54 fps (Zotac 780 GTX))? What do I need to do? Thank you. Would you explain step by step.
  7. Parkol

    GTX780 rev. B problems

    80.10.3A.00.0C (P2083-0020), revision A. I tried to open PNG files and it works fine, no freeze or smth. Which programm should I try? I can try. I did Luxmark
  8. Parkol

    GTX780 rev. B problems

    Everything is fine. I didn\t install any drivers, but it seems the card works much better than 295 GTX. I didn't try Adobe, but I haven't had any problems yet. The card is ZOTAC GeForce GTX 780 AMP! Edition. http://www.zotac.com/ru/products/graphics-cards/geforce-700-series/gtx-780/product/gtx-780/detail/geforce-gtx-780-amp-edition-2.html Logic Pro X works fine!
  9. Parkol

    GTX780 rev. B problems

    Did you try to open/work in Logic X?
  10. Parkol

    ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5, grafische kaart

    It's cool!!! Congrats!
  11. Parkol

    GTX780 rev. B problems

    I am just going to buy GTX 780 and install it Mavericks, so I hope you will find the answer.
  12. Parkol

    The card for 3Ds Max 2013 (Windows) and 10.9 OS X

    Thank you. So I don't need any special drivers for 780 GTX, just installed official web driver from Nvidia site and it will work fine? Have you seen any instruction for installing 780 GTX? THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  13. Parkol

    The card for 3Ds Max 2013 (Windows) and 10.9 OS X

    Thank you, Long Cat, Rampage Dev. Probably I will buy 32 Gb. The prices are getting higher, yeah, but what can I do? I didn't upgrade my PC since 2010, so even Lightroom 5 works not so fast now, even on 920 socket i7 and even on 2 cores (295 GTX) - which was the most expensive card when I bought it. If I, for example, buy the revision B of GTX 780 - will it be working on Mavericks or it won\t be working in any case? I mean, if I buy revison B - I have no chance to install Mavericks and there is no chance to work in Mavericks? Also the question about Windows. Should Install Windows 7 (64 bits) for 3Ds Max 2013 or Winows 8 (64 bits) would work much better with the Autodesk latest soft? The scenes are like that.
  14. Parkol

    The card for 3Ds Max 2013 (Windows) and 10.9 OS X

    Thank you. So If I buy B revision of GTX 780 it wil not be working (grey screen and etc...)? I want to buy it in the internet store and I couldn't find the revision number. Does it really matter how much RAM do I use for 3Ds Max 2013? I still think about 32 Gb of RAM, some resources advice to buy even 64 Gb. Will it help with renders, V-ray and etc? O r should I buy 16 Gb and it will be enough for 3Ds Max? I also use After Effects and Premiere, probabli it would be useful to have 32 Gb of Ram (slow motion renders in AE are very long on my PC now)... 3ds Max Modeling & Animation http://config.boxxtech.com/solutions/3dsmax_solution.asp